Friday, 11 March 2016

The Law of Unintended Consequences

When Mother Merkel said something on the lines of  'Send us your poor Islamic masses, come to Germany!' .... she did so with little or no thought for the consequences. Firstly for Europe, for whom those consequences have played out like a broken violin. In fact she may well prove to be the architect of the end of free borders inside Europe, and perhaps even the ever closer union itself.

Mother Merkel of Europa

Its possible the scenes at Calais, and the ever growing tide of humanity pouring in to Europe could cause not just a British exit (Brexit), but also facilitate one in Holland as well (where demands for a British style referendum are growing) .... but all that aside, my eye was caught by a little reported news story from Germany itself.

German Women Are Arming Themselves Against Attacks

It seems that gun sales in Germany have jumped 30% in the past 4 months ... with police in Cologne reporting licence applications up from around 304 to 408 per month. Google reported that searches for gun permits in Germany have gone up 1,000 per cent and shops stocking 'pepper spray' (legal in Germany) have had the shelves cleared.

The reports have also stated that women's self defence classes are booming with record numbers and the sales of air pistols and flare guns (both of which are freely available to over 18's), are also at an all time high.

So all hail Angela .... architect of the immigration crisis hitting Europe, and causing fear to spread across the women of her own country for the first time in over 60 years.


  1. Every time a German politician decides that they know what Europe needs best, it always ends up as a catastrophe for both Europe, and Germany itself.

    1. What can I say but that your right. Thanks for the comment.


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