Friday, 4 March 2016

Will The Real Budweiser Please Stand Up

Stories with strange coincidences are always a joy to find. So I was hardly likely to ignore these two:

On the 4th of December last year, the TV station Fox2now in St Louis Missouri USA reported that a 19 year old man had been arrested for trespass and resisting arrest (an altercation, and fighting with security staff), after entering the secure area of the Budweiser Brewery in that town. The report stated that the man being charged was named Bud Weisser .... who has previous for this kind of crime.

Will The Real Bud Weisser Please Stand Up!

Our American readers may also recall that in 1974, there was a tragedy at the chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, when a worker fell into the chocolate vat and drowned .... his name was Robert Hershey.

For those who are wondering about that, Hershey is the name of the largest sweet and chocolate manufacturer in the USA (Hershey Bars) .... there was of course no relation (despite some websites putting 2+2 together to get 5), as Hershey Chocolate was actually founded by Milton Snavely Hershey, who died in 1945.

..... the worlds a funny place when you think on it, and we live in strange days.


  1. There is a theory called nominative determinism which holds true surprisingly often.

    1. Kind of like George being the Best ...... George Best. Actually I used to believe that an unusual name, such as Sir Lancelot Spratt, would help you in life. Thankfully I never got to name a child Caractacus!


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