Friday, 25 March 2016

Je Suis Where Next

0nce again more sickening blasts in a Western city, once again the cry of Allahu Akbar (the soundtrack to this century), rings out as blood pours down the gutters of European streets, and once again a EU politician asks 'for calmness and solidarity'.

Another Capital Another Bombing Outrage ...

How many times will we hear that after an outrage from the followers of the religion of death? The politicians keep spouting that nonsense that says its not the religion that's sick, its just a few of its followers. The bombers and the 20 -25% of Muslims already here, who consider attacks on us as justified, know differently.

Frankly I don't want anymore 'Je Suis where next', or buildings lit up in national flags, or anymore bullshit .... I want some action to roll back the legions of Islam that are now amongst us. We face disaster unless we tackle Islam and its backward views head-on .... but we actually lack the courage to do what really must be done to save our continent, despite the brave words about 'being at war' (but to an unnamed 'enemy'), or to face the facts that must be faced. 

This Is The Suicide Bomber (not), Who Decided There Weren't Enough Virgins In Paradise.

In the meantime more people are allowed into our continent by Mother Merkel and the other apologists for that culture ..... they are 'refugees' and need 'asylum' cry the bleeding heart liberals, but forgetting one bloody fact.

If they are refugees and need asylum, its only from their own violent religion and its sickness. The one that has trashed their countries, or tied them to poverty and backwardness for centuries, but that they are all happy to tell us is 'superior' in every way to our beliefs ..... they bring the sickness of their ideology with them, and we will see more and more of these events until someone somewhere cries enough and tackles the problem.

So welcome to the blood-stained future that the unrestricted Islamic immigration will bring to our continent .... get used to it, a generation of our politicians have failed us in our time of need.

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