Friday, 1 April 2016

German Culture Breaking Down

There has been much play in the UK press, over a story that Germany has introduced women only rail carriages, ostensibly as a direct response to the influx of men from the Islamic world, and the sex attacks in Cologne. This however has been denied by the Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn, train operator, who said that the measures were intended to 'encourage a safer atmosphere for all female travellers in general'.

Yeah, right.

The New Germany Has A Special Place For Women On Trains

A thousand years of German culture, and 100 years of German rail travel, and only in this year, do German women suddenly develop the need for 'women only' carriages, in order to encourage a safer atmosphere for all female travellers. You will be glad to know that children, including boys up to the age of ten (eleven year old boys are presumably now considered a risk to women!), will also be allowed to ride in the carriages, which run on the 50-mile Leipzig to Chemnitz line. Just for extra security the carriage will be situated next to an office for train staff, although whether these too, will have to be female staff is not clear, and what happens to women travelling with boys aged eleven or over, is also not specified.

We in the UK have so far resisted the idea; after all we live in 'vibrant multi-cultural cities' to quote Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour Party leader, but oddly this promoter of the 'lets have more immigrants' brigade, has suggested women-only areas on public transport could be used to reduce sexual harassment. Why these incidents had suddenly risen to cause a problem, he didn't care to elaborate.

Ladies Only - Heath Robinson Spoofed The Idea ....

But possibly it was because the rise in such crimes is related to all those new residents of the 'vibrant multi-cultural cities', who are proving to be dangerous to women, or possibly he had something else in mind .... whatever it was, the 'Wimmin of the Left' promptly shot him down, when they said the idea was 'regressive' .... they would rather concentrate on tackling sexual harassment by dealing with the perpetrators rather than potential victims.

Of course women only carriages are not new, and in many socially backward nations where women are not fully free to act without male protection, they are used to try and reduce incidents of sexual assault or even mass rape. So these women-only carriages are used frequently in countries such as Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia .... what a brave new world we Europeans are entering.

The Wimmin of the Left should really be waking up and smelling the coffee .... this new world is going to be a very hard place for women, as a hundred years of freedom in Europe (compared with women in Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia), gets put into reverse, as men with a different mind-set to the white European males, pour into our lands.

They need to start protesting outside buildings where women are segregated (not just golf clubs), and inside Parliament, to force the end of the 'multi-cultural' clap trap so beloved by Jeremy Corbyn and his crew, and which fuels the idea that not adhering to our way of life and values is acceptable  ..... or pretty soon our way of life and values will be gone. forever.


  1. German has now had to introduce 'Integration Laws' to stop anything like the UK happening. Must learn German language, live where they are told (no Ghettos), and expulsion for any immigrants who don't cooperate.

  2. And now they will strip dual nationality. Europe is waking up at last.

    1. Hmmm I doubt it. But maybe your right, we shall see. Thanks for the comment.


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