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One of the great pleasures of the Internet (apart from porn) ... lets not be bashful about the fact that its been argued that its porn that built the Internet into what it is now, but that's another post .... is the wide scope it gives, for crackpots and conspiracists to air their views .... no matter how strange.

These people are in fact the proud heirs to a tradition of nut-cases that stretches back at least a few centuries in the West (I can't comment on other cultures, where tolerance levels seem to be lower), and perhaps even further, if we ignore the Christian era. But even in that era for example, 'Popist plots', have littered English history ever since we became a Protestant Nation ... some were real (the Gunpowder plot for example). But most were not.

There are countless other examples from around the world, including wars, started after 'conspirators' created 'incidents' e.g. Poland's supposed 'attack' on Germany to start World War II (which by the way is called a 'False Flag' conspiracy, in the knowing circles .... search for that term and watch the pages return).

False Flag Clues Are Across The Web .....

Anyone who has worked for a large organisation (especially the NHS or a Government Dept), and had to handle letters from the public, will be aware of the coloured ink (usually red and green) letter writers. Their letters, often punctuated by CAPITALISATION, and coloured letter ExClamaTions!! etc, and sometimes following a spiral path around the page, were a wonder of theory, complaint and conspiracy (which, I hasten to add were still read and treated as potentially valid complaints, or requests - at least when I dealt with them), involving strange forces, that the writers felt threatened by or compelled to resist.

Red and Green inks by the way, were originally how technical drawings were approved or amended, in the old days before computers, as well as for marking in schools and for commenting on documents in the government ministries in India (a hang over from colonial days) ... but the more 'out there' amongst our citizens, picked up on this, and used it to try and show that they were rational.

Some People Believe In The Lizard Queen ..

The advent of computers doesn't mean that they are gone, no they are still alive and well, and fortified by the straightening effects of a typed email (which sadly doesn't allow for sloping and spiralling content), or a comment form. Their new outlet of choice is often the conspiracy forum .... which, whether it be the 'Obama was not an American' idea favoured by Donald Trump, to the 'Queen Elisabeth II is a shape changing lizard' theory of David Icke, provides a happy home for nearly everyone with an outré point of view. After all if it ain't out there already, then you can create it yourself and hope to attract other pilgrims with the same view point.

One of the longest of running of these conspiracy threads (and almost as old as the JFK killing conspiracy theories), is the 'Moon Landings Were Faked' theory. This is largely based upon the visual evidence of films/photographs, and a complete misunderstanding of optics or lighting effects .... but believers in the theory won't ever be convinced.

Faking A Moon Walk ... Kubrick Style?

However I have always had an argument against all conspiracies, which amounts to the question 'How many people can keep a secret?'.

One person certainly can. Two people? Probably. But one hundred? Two hundred? A thousand? .... very unlikely. So how many had to conspire to kill President Kennedy, and then never talk about it ... minimum 10? To fake a moon landing (planners, security, technicians, actors, stage builders etc etc) .... minimum 100? 1,000? 10,000? Would those numbers of people have never talked, kept documents, or pictures, the actors never come forward, or anyone told their wives or husbands? Even if not at the time, then not on their deathbeds, or now, nearly fifty years later?

It beggars belief that in any group of humans greater than a handful, all would have remained so quiet, loyal and steadfast over five decades ... anyone in an office can confirm that even simple 'secrets' go around like wildfire as soon as one participant tells 'a friend, in confidence'.

Well recently, Dr David Grimes of Oxford University produced a calculation that confirmed that whatever the number over a handful, any conspiracies will have been exposed within four years of its conception, never mind of its actual inception.

I have visited this subject of conspiracies at least once or twice or even three times before, and freely admit that its because its so entertaining. Especially if one digs deep into its darker labyrinths and crevices, and that I could post once a week, but I resist, as it would soon drive what little visitor traffic I have away ... but the possibilities for discussions are almost endless.

And I guess that's what keeps the believers going, year after year ... unless of course all of the conspiracies are all disinformation, designed to keep us from discovering the 'real truth', which we are told 'is out there' .... somewhere.


  1. Well, she's not called "Liz" for nothing - a double bluff for the doubters. In any case your arguments have convinced me, which way - I'll keep to myself.

    1. The only exception were during WWI and WWII.

      In WWI the development off the tank was kept secret from the Germans and the allies by telling most workers it was a water tank.

      In WWII the Manhattan Project was kept secret by compartmenting all the work so no one knew what was going on (Including President Truman, who was only told after Roosevelt's death).

      They were both fast developments and probably achieved inside the '4 year rule' that Dr Grimes proposes.

    2. And even then wars are times when people tend to close ranks and are reminded that loose lips sink ships and that walls have ears.

    3. In WWII and later, many betrayed their countries to the USSR. So secrets didn't stay secrets for long. Even Atomic Secrets.

    4. Well walls have ears was the old slogan. But Russians have money is the new one.

    5. Thanks for the comments.


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