Friday, 29 April 2016

Marvellous Man

Any regular to this site will know that I save a special spot for any 'super hero' stories that cross my path. So it will come as no shock that I have reserved one post for Tom Roche .... a regular Spider-man.

He is a party entertainer who was driving to a gig in October 2015, when his spider senses started tingling ... What could it be? Was the 'Green Goblin' in the vicinity .... no. Doctor Octopus escaped .... no he's still in the insane asylum. So what was it he thought .... his spidey vision and spidey nose instantly supplied the answer, and he honed his senses on to the smoke pouring from a speeding car in the vicinity.

Spider-man Had Plenty Of Practice With Burning Cars ....

The occupants were unaware of the peril they were in, occupied as they were by their own personal drama. Lucy, a mum to be, was frantically driving her partner Stephen, who had been the victim of a bizarre accident in which he had chopped off his own finger with the lawn mower .... not that easy to do accidentally.

Well, any self respecting Spider-man would have done the same, and so Tom set off in pursuit and managed to flag them down. Lucy had been tempted to ignore this masked stranger, given that Stephen was bleeding heavily and had his finger in his lap. But there was something about the mask and the suit that compelled her to slow down, despite her rush.

It was a good job too, as within minutes of her and her partner leaving their Land Rover, it spectacularly burst into flames. But Spider-man wasn't finished, ignoring their flaming vehicle, he whisked the couple to the local hospital and Stephen's finger was reattached ... finger prognosis is good.


  1. Fortunately there was a budding Stan Lee in traffic as well, capturing the whole incident in story book form and adding colour to your post ! Don't be so quick to criticize our hapless gardener; it's difficult to sever one's own finger with a lawn mower if you don't factor in the dark forces which Peter Parker and his ilk dedicate their lives to combatting - dark forces which apparently followed him into his car.

    1. I have usually found that switching off the electricity before fiddling with the mower blade, is sufficient to defeat all the dark forces involved.


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