Friday, 6 May 2016

Tramp Town

Manchester City Council and the University of Manchester have apparently colluded in allowing the emergence of a 'Calais style jungle' encampment in the centre of Manchester. This after a similar site called 'the Ark', near Manchester Metropolitan University had been closed in late 2015 .... but the residents (mostly British by the way), simply marched a few hundred yards down the road and started another encampment.

The council and police apparently unable to do a thing about it .....

Manchester - Northern Powerhouse City .....

The damage to the city’s reputation as a tourist or investment destination must be incalculable, but seemingly this is of little import to a city council which seems to prefer to follow 'right on, left-wing politics', over promoting its own cities future wealth and development.

The site is not only an eyesore (pictures of which have gone round the world), which soils Manchester's image, but it’s very obviously a health hazard with no toilets, and also a threat to the local citizens, as there is no control over who these tented residents are. These facts alone must pose a real and ongoing risking to the safety and health of the local residents, as well as putting potential visitors and investors off.

Oddly of course if a house owner puts up permanent tented accommodation in their garden and then takes in homeless residents .... they would be arrested for breaching a few dozen by-laws, planning laws and health and safety rules and regulations. However, strangely, these very same rules, by-laws, regulations and health and safety requirements are seemingly impossible to enforce, if you are an EU immigrant who can't be arsed to get legal accommodation (even when it was offered as the council have maintained).

Of course the suspicion is that the Manchester council are playing left-wing politics, so whilst a private landlord or householder would face the full battery of the class warriors arsenal, the free-loading itinerants and illegals from around the globe, who have set up tent city, are treated as above those same laws. Soon after these events another 'squatter camp' opened under the railway arches in Castlefields, near Deansgate rail station ..... both sites are near major commercial and business areas and visible to any travellers coming into the city.

Castlefields Squatter Camp - Manchester

Actually Manchester Council have a bit of previous in regards to applying one set of rules for most of us, and another set for minorities ..... for instance they have had numerous complaints that restaurants in the Rusholme area of the city (aka the 'Curry Mile') are allowing 'Shisha smoking'.

Manchester Shisha Bars - Illegal If A pub Did It.

This is of course a tobacco product, and illegal in enclosed spaces such as Pubs (where the council enforces a rigorous regime of fines, closures and loss of licences), but seemingly is tolerated if its a south Asian owned premise.

All councils in the UK should be enforcing the law for all equally, and not abetting it being ignored .... it’s actually racism to penalise the majority using the law, but allowing certain minority groups to break the same law. So why doesn't the Home Office step in, and make the council officers and police enforce the by-laws etc? ..... more politics.

This madness is why we are on the verge of a societal collapse.


  1. It certainly does seem strange, this selective enforcing of laws, but what politics are they playing, what point are they trying to make or their political goal?

    1. Just read story and it seems to be simply racial and ethnic, or political point scoring by left.

      If your a home owner then rules and laws applybut if your a vagrant then those same rules don't (class political).

      If your a white business owner eg A pub. Then smoking laws apply but if your asian or Arab and own a restaurant then those laws are not enforced (racial discrimination)

      Not sure why that's confusing.

    2. Vroomfondel: The longterm left local governments always like to oppose what they describe as 'Tory Cuts' or 'Tory Ppolicies' .... the council in Manchester has been a Labour stronghold since 1973 (with no Tory Councillors after council estates were put into virtually every ward in the 1970's ... a tactic that could be called 'Gerrymandering')

      In 1980, Manchester was the first council to declare itself a nuclear-free zone (as if the USSR gave a shit!).... so instead of immediately cleaning out the squatter camp I suspect that they quite like the publicity of homeless men. As for the tolerance of smoking in Asian owned businesses ..... that's nothing more or less than overt racism. They sure as hell don't tolerate Pubs allowing smoking.

  2. Yesterday morning the London Road site was finally cleared of squatters. The site which was originally reported as being mainly 'british rough sleepers' was now being reported as actually being occupied entirely by east Europeans (Poles, Lithuanians and others) ... this part of the report was later removed PC nonsense to the last).

    The University claims it has been trying to remove these people all along. It just 8 months to get a court order, for some reason.

    “A number of individuals have been occupying a small stretch of land belonging to the University adjacent to London Road without the University’s consent. Agents acting on behalf of the County Court have today enforced an Order for Possession which was granted to the University to assist in ensuring all individuals leave the site. All of the individuals involved have now left the site.”

    Question now is, where will these tent dwellers turn up next?


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