Friday, 27 May 2016

Racing To The Lowest Standards

Whilst it could never be suggested that I had much in common with the Islamist agenda, I do admit that there are aspects of our western society which trouble me deeply. One is the trend for ever more lenient prison sentences, for ever more serious crimes. For instance not sixty years, ago any man who raped babies would be lucky to not be swinging from a gibbet.

Most certainly they would face a very long prison sentence, or similar period in a secure mental institution.

Revolving Door Prisons ... Small Sentences A Deterrent?

But now?

Well, as we have seen in the rape gangs in England, drugging and raping under-age girls attracts a sentence of as little as 5 years (which is only 2 or so years in prison). Shockingly lenient enough, for someone born when we still considered some crimes beyond the pale.

However there was a recent story from a court in Brisbane Australia which was a new low in western sentencing standards. It involved Gary Brabham, the ex-racing driver son of the late motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham. He had been tried for, and found guilty of repeatedly raping a child between the ages of 6 to 10 years old.

Having A Famous Father Didn't Stop Gary Brabham Being A Monster But May Have Got Him A Lighter Sentence

Sadly not too surprising a story these days (as paedophilia seems to be ever more present in our societies). But what was surprising was that the 55 year old monster only received a sentence of 6 months imprisonment with another 18 months suspended.

Its almost worth repeating that again .... raping a child repeatedly, is just 6 months in prison terms in Australia ..... What does that say about the judge, and the society they are representing?

Well judge Brad Farr seemed more concerned about the defendants family name, than the victims families distress, when he said that ... "You have brought shame upon yourself and your family", and that he had shown no remorse for his crimes .... but then hands him what is effectively no punishment at all.

Now whether this was merely a case of hero worship for the Jack Brabham memory, or an example of how child abuse is dealt with now in Australia, it still represents a new low in western jurisprudence.

We are in terminal decline .....


  1. How could anyone not agree with you? Ridiculous sentencing which puts more children at risk in just 6 months!

    1. How could anyone not agree with you? ..... Well apparently the judge in this case, for one. I despair of the judiciary who increasingly seem to reflect a point of view that the public overwhelmingly reject. If judges sentencing no longer reflect public feelings on crimes, then a dangerous divide has opened.


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