Friday, 13 May 2016

Nil Desperandum Dave

David Cameron is a desperate man. He has to be! Because how else can you read his claim that Britain leaving the EU, would increase the chances of a war in the EU part of Europe, or even with that same part of Europe?

EU World War III

Now to say that the "Remain" campaign has been negative, is an understatement, it's been very very negative.

With virtually no positive reasons to stay in the EU being put forward, except as a reverse of a negative reason for staying. E.g "We will be worse off if we leave, because they might not trade with us" (the 5th biggest world economy) ... so by inference we will probably be better off if we remain in it. But as that can't be proved, we must infer it, while the negative message is the one promoted.

But even so this latest claim is almost unbelievable in its stupidity.

According to Prime Minister Cameron, their is one positive reason for staying in the EU which is ... that there will not be a war inside the EU Europe while Britain is in it. So by inference Germany and France are only held from each others throats by 'good ol' blighty', standing in the EU boxing ring as referee? Your having a laugh mate! 

What sort of world view the British PM holds must be questionable if he believes that world war three is imminent if we leave the EU. But then again he also believes that the accession of 75 million Islamists from the new Ottoman Turkey, is going to be a good thing for Europe. Now oddly if there is another war inside the EU Europe, then the entry of the Turks might well trigger it.

Not once in the whole campaign has the 'Remain' camp explained why the EU is good for the UK (which after all is one of the few net contributors who pay to keep it going).

  • Not once in the whole campaign has there been an explanation of how the EU will reform it's governance without the UK giving up its last sovereignty (there are a raft of measures being held up until after our referendum which will strip us of more powers).
  • Not once in the whole campaign has David Cameron even mentioned his pathetic little EU deal (that's been kicked under the carpet as if it never happened - but then they barely more than a fig leaf anyway). Also a former colleague, ex-minister Iain Duncan Smith has said that Germany had a "de facto veto" over David Cameron's EU renegotiations.
  • Not once in the whole campaign has there been any acknowledgement that the UK's NHS, Welfare System, and Housing Stock will simply collapse unless we can control EU immigration.

I have tried to keep out of, or at least limit my comments on this subject as it's such a long campaign. But the reality is that the sheer weight of negativity being pushed by the 'Remain' campaign is driving me to respond.

1066 Was A Disaster For Our Independence As Well ....

This is a big decision for the UK, that requires big politicians to debate it ... the Churchill's, the MacMillan's, the Thatcher's, the Atlee's or even the tricky Harold Wilson. Instead, at this critical time in our islands future, we are ill served by a bunch of political pygmies.

Cameron, Johnson, Corbyn and the rest, who's names escape me even as they breath oxygen. These are forgotten men, even while they are still in office, and who are are at best disingenuous, and at worst, lying to us. What a sad state our politics have sunk to if when in our hour of need, these are the best our system can offer us.

Oh by the way, Ian Duncan Smith came up with the best quote on David Cameron's so called ‘reforms’.

"We have gone from wanting to lead in Europe to being on the end of a lead in Europe."


  1. Every night there is a news story about how armegeddon and the world will end if Britain leaves the EU. I even saw a story that one of the ABBA pop group was praying that we saw the light.

    It's fecking ridiculous

  2. I have to agree that the whole 'debate' if that's the word for what's happening has never risen above the level of ridiculous. This I have to say has been driven by the remain campaigners who have adopted a US style fear campaign strategy from day one. They deserve to lose for that alone. I don't recall the 1975 referendum being anything like as negative (but I might be wrong). Thanks for the comment.


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