Friday, 13 May 2016

BMA Controversy

The BMA .... No not the other crackpots and extremists, aka the British Medical Association - this BMA is the Blackburn Muslim Association, have shown what sort of Britain we are heading towards, by passing some new rules for women.

The mosque, that is a paid up affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), said that women should not be able to travel more than 48 miles (deemed to be the equivalent of three days of a woman walking), without a male chaperone, known as a 'mahram'. Its “Department of Theology”, has also gone on to stipulate that all men must grow beards, and advises women to fully cover their faces. These instructions carry the snappy little hook line of: “Allah knows best.”  

Women's Fashion Going To Simpler In The Future ....

This sort of anti-integration thinking is not an isolated incident by just one rogue mosque in former Home Secretary, Jack Straws old stomping ground ... a religious teacher from the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre has recently said that: “A woman should seek her husband’s permission when leaving the house and should not do so without his knowledge.” .... while others from the same mosque have called abortion “a great sin”, and described modelling as an "immoral act”. While the Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, has also banned women from wearing trousers - even in front of their husbands, as they show “details of her body”.

Meanwhile back in that centre of Islamic enlightenment, Blackburn, it’s Central Mosque has also chipped in and said that all women should delete their Facebook accounts to protect them against “evil.” .... the reason, or sorry I mean justification being, because "Facebook has opened the doors for sin. Muslim girls and women alike have become prey to this evil,” .... apparently Muslim men are immune to this particular 'sin' and 'evil' wherever they are e.g. Rotherham, Oxford etc

Muslim Women On Facebook ... Cover  For Sinning?

So where are the feminist cries of outrage, or pickets outside these mosques? ..... nowhere. They are terrified to tackle muslin men for their misogyny, and tumble-weed is the only response to each backward step we take to accommodate this creed.

The only comment was from International Development secretary Justine Greening, who said the travel ban on women was “disgraceful”, and urged the Blackburn Muslim Association to withdraw the comments. In response, the MCB spokeswoman said it “does not dictate jurisprudential positions to its affiliates”.

The Face Veil Covers A Lot Of Things ...

Actually all concerned might consider that these 'rules' are probably more than just “disgraceful”, they are discriminatory, and therefore should be classed as criminal offences. Of course if it wasn't Muslims making these statements, then no doubt the police would have been sent in, but as it is, well .... nothing is done, they are simply 'urged' to withdraw the rule.

.... we reap what we sow, or what we allow to be sown. I am happy and relieved that I will be long gone before our society collapses completely into Islam's not so tender embrace.


  1. At least one can't accuse The Blackburn Muslim Association of being PC - backward, sexist and yes, criminal, but not PC. Britain shows far too much tolerance to this medieval, misogynist sect.

    1. They do, and I was told that by a Hindu who lives here now. Thanks for the comments Vroomfondel.


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