Friday, 6 May 2016

Integrated Daydreams

That the BBC operates with a left wing agenda is hard to deny (when even their own research suggests so). That they are operating as a second government is easier for them to deny, but very easy to accuse them of .....

Take a look at this picture .... it was used to represent this weeks UK local elections in a news story ....

Integrated Into Western Democracy And Society ....

This BBC version of the 'typical UK average voters' represented in the image, are two Muslim women, and one is apparently wearing the full face covering called the Niqab ..... a face covering which is supposedly hardly worn in UK, but which is increasingly seen on our streets and is very divisive as Ofsted have recently highlighted.

So hardly an image you or I might consider as representative of a western European country, except in the minds of the BBC executives, who set the same multicultural agenda relentlessly. But it is most definitely an image illustrating a total lack of integration by Muslims with those same western European values.

Ah well, a glimpse of the future of UK democracy no doubt .... a future in which our majority objections are just ignored, until we accept a hard line minorities social rules.

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