Friday, 6 May 2016

Trolling Tw*ts

Of all the trends in late 20th century and early 21st century Britain, social media 'trolling' is perhaps one of the nastiest. This, for those who are not familiar with it, is when someone posts nasty, vindictive, abusive or simply argumentative comments, on the web pages of someone else, or inside a forum.

These days this is most likely to be on the Facebook or other social media pages such as 'Twitter', of someone (both celebrities or otherwise), and usually hiding behind a pen name or some other anonymity.

Trolls Should Be Banned

A recent example of this which was reported recently, illustrates this nasty little trend very well:

Following the death of David Bowie, a man who generally garnered favourable comments from around the globe, there was abuse from one little (and I mean little spirited) part of this country, Scotland.

It appears that because he had spoken out against the UK splitting up during the Scottish Independence referendum of 2014, he had not been forgiven by the rampant nationalists of the SNP. A number of whom celebrated the death of the 'foreign unionist' with one poster saying "good riddance" to someone who had "poked his nose into others affairs".

Yet another troll said that he was a "man from Brixton who contributed nothing to Scotland!" .... as if he had to have done so to be worthy of any praise. That particular poster warmed to their task by adding that "We are on our knees with foodbanks and child poverty, he was a millionaire singer" ....

Trolling Others Makes Some People Happy ....

For those visitors from other countries, Scotland is not on its knees (though it would have been now, had it got independence and been relying on world oil prices which have crashed), nor indeed are vast swathes of its population on food-banks, with their children in dire poverty. It’s actually a generally prosperous part, of a rich country, by the standards of 80% of the world’s population, and only someone on the far left could invent that sort of narrative for it.

It was hard to believe how petty and vindictive these people can be (until we see the antics in the Labour Party, where the revenge blood letting is only just starting), but if anyone had thought that these nationalists are democrats first and foremost, then you must be getting disillusioned very fast.

David Bowie was not a factor is the referendum result, and was merely expressing an opinion (which lest we forget, we are all entitled to do in a democracy), when he said that "Scotland should stay with us".

So while he was a singer he was hardly a vote swinger, but enough it seems, for old scores needing to be settled on his death. It seems to me that its these trolls who are "contributing nothing to Scotland". 

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