Friday, 20 May 2016

Thai Takeaway Fans

The unexpected rise of English footballs Leicester City Football Club, from almost certain relegation candidates, to Champions of England, has also created fans for the club around the world.

None more so than in Thailand, the home country of the current owner of Leicester City FC (and King Power duty free company .... as if you could miss it).

Fair Weather Leicester City Fans?

…… fair weather fans? You betcha.

How do I know?

Well it may be the fact that many of them have admitted to being former fans of Liverpool, Chelsea etc ... but no, its something else. Take a closer look at the picture ..... spotted it yet?

No ....... well it was the fact that despite being followers of Leicester City FC, and English football .... their banner is celebrating the club becoming the Champions of the non existent 'BPL' British Premier League.

I predict these fans will disappear faster than the full feeling after a Thai takeaway next season.


  1. They are probably gone already!

    1. Possibly. Next seasons flavour of the moment hasn't turned up yet. Thanks for the comment.


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