Friday, 8 April 2016

Charity Begins At Home

When anyone is requesting that the country let even more 'Asylum seekers' come in to to this country, and have even suggested that people could offer them homes, its always best to ensure that its not actually your own homes that are shared .... or so it seems for David Walker the Bishop of Manchester.

Sandal Wearing Christian ....

In October 2015, he organised a letter to the British Prime Minister, that was signed by eighty four leading Christian clerics and that said we should take in 50,000 'Syrian' migrants each year. However not into his own six bedroom home in Salford (Greater Manchester) .... but he had a spare empty vicarage that some could use. Sounds fair enough, doesn't it, especially if he had specified 50,000 Christian Syrians (who are persecuted by all sides in the region), but actually as the bulk of the migrants are Muslim, he didn't say that. Still hearts in the right place, and all that. So no problem, and no story .... just what you would expect from a religious type .... quality of "Christian mercy" etc.

However it was his excuse when being directly asked if he could take any into his own house that led him into ridicule.

He said, and I quote from the newspaper report 'that they couldn't come to live with him and his wife as his house was "smallish by Bishops standards",' and that "in any case, what refugees need is self-contained accommodation. Not trying to share the breakfast table with a couple whose language they don't understand, and whose culture is alien to them" ..... lets think on that statement a moment.

Bishops Court in Salford ... The Bishop of Manchester's 'smallish' Home.

We have been told for decades in left-wing led 'debates', that allowing in millions of migrants from countries who 'don't speak our language', 'don't share our culture or religious values', and who 'don't share our norms' is good. It helps the economy, it helps us become 'multi-cultural' and 'multi-faith'.

So why, if it's not OK to have strange people sharing your house, or your 'breakfast table' as its a 'bit crowded', and in any case they 'don't share your language or understand your cultural norms' .... is it OK to expect overcrowded Britain to take in another 50,000 people per annum, who don't share our language or cultural norms? ..... I am only asking.

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