Friday, 15 April 2016

Western Civilisation On Brink

In the annals of stupidity we may well be living through a bumper time .... When else in history, is a civilisation committing such reckless behaviour with its future, as the Western European one is doing right now?

Perhaps it could be argued that the Roman Empires decision to entrust its defence to Germans, was, with hindsight a rather reckless action, and one which in the West at least, ended in disaster. But as its not conclusive that the Western Empire wouldn't in fact have fallen to the Huns or some other group even earlier, if not for the confederate German tribes, we can't be sure.

Rome Is Falling Again ....

But certainly not since then, has anyone deliberately sewn the seeds of their own destruction so wilfully as the Western political classes are doing right now. Even with many of us looking on wide eyed in horror, we are apparently unable to shake the political classes out of their blinkered adherence, to the cult of political correctness, which seems to be driver for all their actions.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the latest opinion polls suggest once again, that Islam is never going to 'settle into the rich diversity of Britain', which is the term Trevor Phillips, the man who used to claim whites were institutionally racist, used. In fact it will remain an island of social backwardness, in that ocean of 'rich diversity', probably forever.

Muslim Opinions Are Pretty Consistent Across Polls .....

Although the large majority of Muslims who answered, said that the laws here should be obeyed, the results also suggested for example, that around 50% of those Muslims questioned in the UK on the subject, thought that homosexuality should be 'illegal' here. Presumably that illegality would be enforced by tough punishments. Although they weren't asked for their opinion on what the punishments should be ... perhaps for the best eh, as stoning to death gets even lefties hackles up .... probably? (a bit like anti-Semitism which is increasingly a problem in the Labour Party ... which is only occasionally reprimanded in a lukewarm manner).

There were also once again, large numbers, three quarters (78%) who said they are offended by images of Mohammed and at least a quarter (24%) supported those who killed to 'defend the prophet' from attack including the Charlie Hebdo murders.... similarly, those who go to fight 'jihad' are given a measure of support at 11% of answers. All suggesting that although they may obey our laws, they are very much considered to be 'our laws' in many of their eyes. Which is actually rather strange, as its because of 'our laws' not being a reverse mirror of 'their laws', that allows them to come here, and stay here safely.

Ironically, around half (46%) of the respondents thought that Britain is unsafe for Muslims, while 20% of women (10% of men) also claimed to feel 'unsafe' here .... despite the fact that they are unmolested, untaxed, and free to do and believe what they want (even when its unpopular with the rest of us). A state of affairs which can hardly be said apply to the poor Christians in lands ruled by Islamic laws. Who if not killed, forced to convert, or subject other indignities and attacks, are 'taxed' for the privilege of not being so.

But the best example of how we are breaking our own culture to accommodate theirs, is in the area of immigration/asylum/deportation. Even ignoring the sea of Muslim migrants pouring into Europe, and the fact that many thousands travel across Europe to wash up at Calais, Britain is not immune from the issues. The EU is threatening to ease their passage via 'reforms', so that they can come to Britain whether we are in the free movement zone or not.

Which is a real problem, as we have no power or will to deport them when they get here ..... take as an example, the story of a failed asylum seeker from 'East Africa' i.e. PC speak for a Muslim from Somali, Eritrea, take your Punt(land). He claimed to be aged 17, but as this is the latest ruse that they are advised (by lawyers in this country), to use to stop them being deported, it may not be true.

As stated, he has no reason to be here and was found to be a false claimant for asylum .... so was he deported? Nope!

He 'appealed', but not from behind bars, no he was left free to abscond if he wanted to, and no doubt he would have simply 'disappeared', like so many thousands of others, but for the fact whilst in Maidstone, Kent, he walked up to a woman in street and started sexually assaulting her, groping her where she stood.

Confronted by passer-by's, he simply walked off, and according to the report he was 'sniggering' as though it was some sort of joke. You may ask where the police were, but nowhere about, is the simple answer, because a few minutes later he walked back again, and sexually assaulted his first victims friend .... all shades of Cologne in Germany.

He was arrested this time and referred to the justice of the peace .... where the defence was that he didn't know it was wrong to sexually assault women! Really, that was the defence. In East Africa he would have been killed on the spot, but somehow when he gets to the West, he thinks its OK to sexually assault women. An idea by the way that many from his belief system seem to think is perfectly OK, as western women are little better than whores, or so they are told.

So what happened next? Jailed for gross indecency and assault? Locked in a detention centre and deported? No, nothing. He admitted the assaults, but nothing happened, apparently the JP accepted this obvious lie (and by the way whatever happened to 'ignorance of the law' not being a defence in the UK?), as a reasonable defence, and the 'boy' walked free again. He is now being monitored under a referral order for 6 months.

UK Border Defence Reduced To This ....

We are not even capable of protecting our society against a man who commits the vilest of crimes, and who has no right to be here .... I guarantee he is still here in 12 months time and will never be sent back home. I further guarantee that he will commit further crimes, and be in prison on and off for the rest of his life.

But despite nearly everyone dealing with his 'asylum claim' knowing all that is likely, he will still never be deported ..... and he is just one out of thousands of very similar asylum claimers in the UK, over the past decade alone.


  1. Utter madness.

    1. Have to agree ... but then I would wouldn't I? Thanks for the comment.


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