Friday, 15 April 2016

The Way The Winds Are Blowing

All bow to the Mighty Ottoman Sultan and Turkish President 'Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Magnificent' .... as apparently insulting him, is even a criminal offence in the New Germany of 'Mother Merkel'.

In a case that has echoes of the Charlie Hebdo incident in France, a German satirist, who may be tasteless, but is part of a vibrant satire industry in Germany, is to be considered for criminal charges. This after deliberately flouting a German law on free speech, section 103 of the criminal code, which bans insulting representatives or organs belonging to foreign states.

It Helps To Know Which Way The Wind Blows ...

In this case, he upset the Turkish President, with some references to his sex life (with animals such as goats and sheep), as well as jokes about the repression of Turkish minorities - the Kurds in particular - in a poem.

He is now under un-requested 'police protection' (isn't that the term that the Chinese, Russian and the Turkish state use as well?), for his own protection from any Turkish exponents of the religion of peace in Germany who feel the need to visit him. He will of course be charged following a complaint by the Turkish government, Mrs Merkel has agreed to that.

Iron Chancellor, Angela 'mother' Merkel, had to get involved in this latest row, when she decided that the poem wasn't free-speech, but rather it had been "deliberately offensive" ... or so she told the Turkish Prime Minister, in a recent visit to bribe the Turks into resolving her immigrant problem.

Oddly, a few days earlier, another German TV programme had also poked a pointy stick of humour at the pompous Turkish President .... a stick that had also prompted the Turkish government to summon the German ambassador in for a dressing down and protest.

My how Das Boot (if you pardon the pun), is on the other foot these days, with Germany having to toe the line to a Turkish leader, and even suggest that free speech isn't exactly that anymore in Germany. This is the sort of contortions you have to make, once you decide to set your own personal agenda as being EU policy, only for it to blow up in your face in Cologne.

There is no 'free speech' anywhere in the Muslim world, and there will soon be precious little in Europe as well, as we make 'Islamophobia' a criminal offence across the continent.

The UK Labour Party for example, is, in order to tackle a rising tide of anti-Semitism in its party (guess which group is joining up in larger numbers in some areas), going to make both it, and of course 'Islamophobia', against the party rules. You can bet those will both become laws as well, when the party eventually gets back in power.

Oddly there are those on the left who oppose these rule changes, as they consider the party to be in the thrall of 'Zionist' doners and that the party crawls to them .... so you can see why Jeremy Corbyn (a very pro-Palestine supporter himself) has found himself between a financial rock, and Mohammed's hard mountain, on this issue.

But the winds of change are blowing over Europe, and they are blowing from the Islamic hinterland, so its hard not to come the conclusion that real 'free speech', will be little more than a footnote in our history within a generation.


  1. He is now the new prince of Europe according to that little tosser Hans junker. He has now forced his PM out and told the EU he will persecute the Kurds. But guess what? He will still get his visa free travel deal. The EU are spineless hypocrites when it comes to the rules.

    1. A German art gallery in Berlin has taken down some artistic nude photographs because "They might offend some religious vistors".

      They of course mean Muslims.

      There had been no complaints because Muslims don't visit art galleries, as the human body, whether clothed or not, is haram.

      But it shows the way the wind is blowing in the new Germany.

    2. That's interesting. As you say ... it shows the way the wind is blowing

    3. Oh and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is definitely a bit of a t*sser.

      The full report is here/

      But the relevant reference is ... the two men are apparently openly insulting each other, with Mr Erdogan reacting furiously to Mr Juncker’s choice of words, when he said that the Turkish president had been treated “like a prince” at a Brussels summit.

      “Like a prince?”, Mr Erdogan reportedly retorts, “Of course, I’m not representing a third world country”, accusing Mr Juncker of being “disrespectful” and warning him “don’t smear it [EU hospitality] in my face.”

      Merkel doesn't care and pushed through a capitulation to the Turks demands.


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