Friday, 18 March 2016

Nothing To Moan About

Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is using the Human Rights Act (yes that one), to sue the Norwegian government, as he is not allowed contact with other prisoners ..... he has compared his conditions in prison to "torture". As you will no doubt recall, he killed 77 people in 2011. Which is a lot by any standards (even I.S. mass murderers struggle with that level of killing), and he is obviously unrepentant, judging by his Nazi salute in the court room.

Anders Breivik Is Not A Normal Man

He has been allowed to study, and had access to books and the Internet etc while he did a political science course at the University of Oslo. He is not happy with this, and includes in his complaints, the fact that his rooms are poorly decorated and have no view. He also complained that his coffee was served cold, that he did not have enough butter for his bread, and he was not allowed moisturiser.

But what got me was his accommodation ..... talk about luxurious.

I Have Had Holidays In Worse Rooms ....

All in all, taking in all his complaints about cold coffee, and not enough butter for his bread, I have to say that I have paid good money for a weeks holiday in the Balkans, in accommodation worse than this, and with much the same dining complaints, and still enjoyed myself nonetheless ..... and I was alone!

Buchenwald Concentration Camp. No Human Rights That Breivik Claims

Had he been placed in a Nazi Concentration Camp, he might have found that he had real cause for complaint. We are mad to pander to his delusions.

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