Friday, 10 August 2012

Imperialist Running Dogs

With economic colonial ambitions in the South China seas, Africa and elsewhere, China is discovering that taking on the mantle of the 'white man's burden' in far flung parts of the world, where the rule of law is rare, and where greed and ingratitude is built into very fabric of your dealings with the natives., comes pain  and treachery in equal measure.

Colonial Masters and Imperialist Running Dogs

So with the Chinese appropriation of much of Africa's resources, the Africans are getting angry and the Chinese are finding that all that glitters is not gold ..... bad tempered pay disputes turn to violence, and violence turns to death ....

So perhaps its no surprise to find that increasing numbers of reports suggest that relations between the African natives and the Chinese entrepreneurs are turning to the heart of darkness. In Zambia, miners have killed a Chinese mine manager, by pushing a mine trolley at him during a riot at a coal mine in the south of the country. The company were accused of paying less than the minimum wage of $220 (£140) a month being paid to Zambian shop workers.

In Zambia alone, these disputes have increasingly led to death, with two Chinese managers accused of attempted murder after they fired on miners at the Collum mine during a pay dispute ... the charges were later dropped to much protest.

When it was us running the mines, the African states were called "Imperialist Running Dogs"  ...... so who is doing the running, and who are the Imperialists now?

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