Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pictures From Edinburgh Festival 2012

As usual, I am posting a few Edinburgh festival 'fringe' blogs - the first two of which are picture postings of the streets and bar characters met this year.

So in no particular order, the first pictures from Edinburgh 2012.

Off Festival - Non Licensed Acts Perform
View Of Cowgate - Edinburgh 2012
Crowds 1 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 2 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 3 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Crowds 4 Edinburgh Festival 2012
Hawking The Tickets 1 - Edinburgh 2012
Hawking The Tickets 2 - Edinburgh 2012
High Street Cowboys and Cowgirls - Edinburgh 2012
Tasmanian Guitarist Tom Ward
- Edinburgh 2012
Unicyclist - Edinburgh 2012
Wet And Windy Wire Walkers - Edinburgh 2012

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