Monday, 3 September 2012

Sex And The Egyptian Woman

As I have mentioned before, the treatment of women by some Islamic 'men' is little short of barbaric, but in a western world in which 'all belief systems are valid and of equal value', then we have assume that this is OK in some PC quarters. So its grimly funny that finally the continued mass sex assaults by Egyptian men are being talked about.

What makes it more interesting, is when it turns out that despite all the claims of the western Islamic apologists, that women in conservative dress (even if this actually means having to wear full face coverings), are safe in Muslim lands, they are shown to not be safe at all. In fact the animalistic nature of the mens behaviour exposes this as just another bit of hypocrisy and a lie .... A 2008 study by the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights made clear that "Statistics showed that most of the women or girls who have been sexually harassed" in Egypt, "have been veiled or completely covered up with the niqab" .... and that in fact more than 80% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment, and that the majority of the victims were those who wore Islamic head scarves.

Mass Sex Attacks - Any Protest And The Egyptian Police Add More Sexual Violence To Women

The truth is that as discussed before on this blog, part of this problem is a 'Taliban style' agenda to sweep women back into the locked houses i.e to be banished back to the home and not work, and the other part is the culture that prevents boys and girls mingling socially in a normal way.  Public spaces and streets full of boys, are unhealthy for any society .... a lot of very unhealthy boy/man sexual activity develops. 

This Salafist Is No Social Liberal

So why do so many western cheerleaders for Islam, continue to support the idea that these values are valid and of as equal value to our own?

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