Friday, 28 September 2012

Saudi Royals Playtime

It always makes me laugh when the Saudi Prince and Princess, get to leave their paradise and flounce about in the West. Gone are the women beating religious police, gone are the niqabs and head to toe coverings, gone are the prohibitions on alcohol .... no these boys and girls party like rockstars.

Princess Amira al-Taweel - Prince Waleed bin Talal - Paris 2012
No wonder they censor their press .... imagine if the groups that attacked the US on 9 - 11 (don't forget that despite the Pres. Bush assertions, the 9 - 11 attacks were planned, financed, and manned by Saudi Arabians ... so because the Bushes were friends with the Bin Laden's, the US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq), ever got to see what their rulers do when off Saudi soil?

These pictures are just a reminder that there's one set of Sharia for the masses, and another for the rich ...... that's not the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, but the Iran style revolution that will hit the Saudi Royals .... coming to a palace stolen from the people near you, real soon.

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