Friday, 14 September 2012

Royal Boobs

Apparently some French magazine is going to show some grainy 'topless' pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, taken with a long range camera while she was on holiday. If I wasn't told they were her I wouldn't recognise it as the Duchess.

Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton Topless

Frankly who cares?

In the West, most women celebrities have shown their boobs (wittingly or unwittingly), at some time or another ..... Princess Diana's and other Princesses 'bits' have all been captured by paparazzi several times, so the Royal Duchess is in good company.

Princess Diana - Princess Stephanie - 'Holiday' Snaps

Moral Of This Tale?

Don't ever go topless, if you are a female celeb and don't want your breasts in the paper.


  1. How do you fancy being Charles's left hand ?

    1. Not sure that's Charles .... may be the boyfriend before Charlie!


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