Friday, 14 September 2012

Arab Mobs Protest You Tube Film

Once again the followers of the "religion of peace" are demonstrating how peaceful they are by commiting acts of violence and murder across the arab world. So far the deaths have included the US Ambassador to Libya (and members of his staff), as well as sundry Muslims, either killed in the attacks or in the demonstrations that have followed.

The cause of all this violence is a small Internet film posted on You tube last June, which apparently had the temerity to suggest that Islam is not as good a religion as some would like to think .... this of course is not to be tolerated, and is to be met by mindless acts of violence.

Of course this violent reaction isn't particularly new, the various 'Mohammed Cartoon' rows, the 'Satanic Verses' , the Sudan 'Teddy Bear' row, and goodness knows how many other events, have all proved sufficient to get Muslim mobs out on to the streets ..... each event usually costs a few lives.

However, as usual, all this 'righteous anger' is tinged with the usual hypocrisy, because if the Islamists who whip up these regular frenzies of violence cared to examine the Muslim world, they would find plenty of examples of very similar actions perpetrated by Muslims all over the region.

Here's just a few:
  • In Palestine, children's cartoon characters (who often look like Disney characters) are regularly used to portray Jews and Westerners as murderers, and urge children to sacrifice themselves (literally) to fight them. For example up until 2007, the children's show "Tomorrow's Pioneers"  had been using a Mickey mouse character, and when this was exposed to the wider world (thus risking Disney lawyers wrath), the show 'martyred'  the character by having him beaten to death in the shows final episode, by a character posing as an Israeli .... all in the best possible taste of course, and not in the least bit offensive.   

Farfour - Hamas's 'Mickey Mouse'
Assoud - Hamas's Bugs Bunny
  • In wannabee European Union member Turkey - the Film and TV series "Valley of the Wolves" regularly portrays Jews as the cause of all the worlds problems and advocates extreme resistance. An episode of 'Valley of the Wolves: Ambush'  depicted Israeli Mossad agents as spying inside Turkey and kidnapping Turkish babies ....  all in the best possible taste of course, and not in the least bit offensive. 

Valley Of The Wolves: Palestine - Jews Kidnap Children

  • Mosques across the Islamic world regularly call for the destruction of Israel and the US / UK (Great Satan and Little Satan) as the traditional 'end of prayers'. Imagine the fuss if we did the same here? - Occasionally one of these Mullahs goes too far and is sacked (or martyred as he would think of it). In 2006 the Imam e Juma, the Imam of Masjid e Nabawi was sacked for praying for the oppressed people of Lebanon, and then cursing the USA and Israel ....  all in the best possible taste of course, and not in the least bit offensive. 

Its always a surprise when we constantly ignore all these insults to us and our friends, while apologising to Islam for every little offence that they take from any criticism made for their numerous sins against us .... we are mad.

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