Friday, 7 September 2012

Spotting A Wally

Apparently its 25 years since the publication of the first book in which readers were invited to spot 'Where's Wally' in a crowd. The books have become world wide successes for author and illustrator Martin Handford.

Where's Wally's 25th Anniversary

Personally I have never been drawn to this 'fun' ..... but this week, I, like most of the country, believe that we spotted a true 'Wally' ......

Judge Peter Bowers Describes Burglary as taking  'Courage'

... the 'Wally' in question was a member of the judiciary, who said that 'Committing burglary takes a huge amount of courage', and that 'he himself would not have the nerve to burgle someone's house' .... and so saying, he 'took a chance', and didn't send the junkie serial burglar to prison, but instead gave him a suspended sentence, and 200 hours community service.

Cue .... outrage across most of the country (apart of course from those 'bleeding heart liberals' who have ensured that this is what passes for justice in Britain these days). 

You can't actually make this stuff up ....

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  1. This judge later let a man who was already on a suspended jail sentence for child porn, go free. He ruled that he should not be locked up after police found 48 more child porn images in his possession. he did so because the fat pervert Mark Martin, would “suffer” in jail.

    This after he had been criticised by the Prime Minister over his brave burglars comment. Once they are found to stupid judges should be sackable.


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