Friday, 21 September 2012

Upper Class Twits

Of course oafish behaviour is not confined to Britain's burgeoning underclass .... their so called 'betters', can display much the same sort of ill mannered disrespect for the forces of law and order, as any from the council estate overspills do.

Andrew Mitchell - Upperclass Twit

Take as an example Andrew Mitchell MP, a man who was once in the armed forces, so someone you would really expect to respect uniformed authority .... Today he has had to apologise after yesterday he was reported to have used foul language, and told the officer at the gates to "learn your place" and "you don't run this government".  He is then reported to have called the officers "plebs". This after the police directed him to use a pedestrian side gate with his bike (for security reasons), when he was leaving Downing Street.

Downing Street has main and side gate for security reasons.

The officer concerned reported the incident to his superiors, and now Mr Mitchell has been forced to apologise amongst a storm of criticism ..... actually apart from the foul language (which is bad enough), its the thought processes of anyone who calls the rest of us "Plebs" that worries me .... in other words he considers that police officers are part of the non-aristocratic ruling class of Britain, and merely a part of the lumpen masses. Not a mindset that any democratic government can afford to evince in the UK, if they hope to get the public to vote for them.

Its telling to note that early 'public schools' in the United Kingdom would enroll pupils as "plebeians" , as opposed to the sons of gentry and aristocrats, so maybe as the son of David Mitchell MP, a former Conservative junior Government minister, and recipient of a private education via Rugby School (yes, that one of 'Tom Browns Schooldays' fame), and Cambridge University, maybe he really does think the rest of us are 'plebs'

.... its not just the left-wing who take the rest of us as fools.

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  1. Do you know, after all the court cases and enquiries I have no idea what was actually said .... but just to note that Andrew Mitchell was vindicated somewhat by it all.


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