Friday, 7 September 2012

Diamond Geezer

'Man bites dog' is a famous fake news headline, but 'Man swallows diamond' is still fairly arresting, at least that's what happened to the Chinese visitor to a gem exhibition in Sri Lanka. He allegedly swallowed a $13,000 gem (presumably for safe retrieval later ...Eek!), but was spotted by the exhibitor, who reported it to the police.

The tourist was arrested and the man was taken to hospital to be given laxatives.

Diamond Swallower Arrested - Police Expect Outcome Soon

But all is not as straightforward as that .... apparently the man had an accomplice, and operated by swapping real gemstones with forged ones, so what emerges from the black hole (or is that Uranus?) that is his digestive system, may well turn out to be one of the fake gems (a sort of double bluff so to speak).

So we all await the outcome with some interest .... the police apparently expect a result within 24 hours (give or take).

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