Monday, 3 September 2012

Egypts Women's Rights

The BBC headlines a story today as 'Egypt's veiled presenter in breakthrough TV appearance' ... Now what struck me was the the word 'Breakthrough' .... its this that attracted my interest here.

First Woman presenter to appear on Egyptian state TV in an Islamic headscarf

.... of course what it really is, is a retrograde move, as Egypt quickly descends into an Islamic state, with women denied even the most basic of rights to resist male hegemony.

The Other Side of Egyptian TV - One Step From The Headscarf

It beggars belief that an organisation such as the BBC, that has such a hand in promoting the Feminist culture in the UK, will apparently cheer on, as women are forced to dress like the something from the middle ages in third world nations. This is what apparently happens when you are trying to push the culture of Islam on one hand (remember that all belief systems are 'valid and of equal value!'), and feminism on the other.

In this case these two stances are quite obviously are mutually incompatible, as Islam is not a system that promotes Western ideas on feminism ..... its about time the BBC was forced to publicly declare whether ultimately it believes in the promotion  of Western social values, or believes that Islamic values and its treatment of minorities and women are of equal value.

Its obvious that you can't promote both as being the same, because fundamentalist Islam is sweeping across the Muslim world .... and the 'Gates of Vienna' could be here next time. 

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