Thursday, 20 September 2012

Underclass Heroes on facebook

Two police women and another couple of men are murdered by some cretinous little coward called Dale Cregan who for forms sake we have to call a suspect. Cregan was apparently given refuge from the police when he was wanted for the murder of two men, and this support doesn't end when he surrendered.

It appears that the moral sickness that now engulfs the UK, after decades of PC nonsense by the left wing politicians, who despite over a decade of Labour party rule, allowed the real scumbags to rise to the top in everyone of the public housing estates in their local wards, and MP constituencies, now has found its voice in twitter and facebook.

The latest manifestation of this sickness, is yet another incident where a facebook page has been set up praising the police killer as a 'hero' and the two dead officers as 'scumbags' - remember this is an armed shit-bag, killing unarmed police officers - but in the twisted logic that supports the benefits bred mentality, this places killers as the pinnacle of 'working class attainment' - hero indeed.

Dale Cregan Scumbag

Of course this isn't the first time we have seen the underclass support their heroes in this manner - that other piece of human waste Raoul Moat also had a 'hero' facebook page set up by the Chav's of Britain's unemployable underclass. The difference was that Moat had at least enough backbone to kill himself and save us the bill for feeding him.

To think that last month we were all praising a nation that could produce the 'Games Makers' .... and now we see the other side of that national self image.


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