Friday, 28 September 2012

The West's View of Islam

Some cultures have little or no sense of self criticism - and before you start, the West is full of critics: e.g. we are for ever insulted by our own left-wing, for being 'racists', although we are the only culture in which we have to accept a non stop stream of immigration from outside and can say nothing about it. Sometimes its cultural, sometimes its religious, and in some its that unhappy combination of both. In the Arab/Islamic world it seems to be the latter.

The problem is that Islam is not just a religion its also a way of life. If you sign up to the inviolability of Sharia, then then can be criticism, because criticism is blasphemy, and blasphemy = death. So instead of  acknowledging faults and fixing them, they react violently to any perceived slight .... hence the riots, deaths, terrorism etc, over cartoons, or 15 minute you-tube videos..

One of the the Egyptian newspapers (al-Watan) is attempting a rather strange campaign of protest about the fact that Islam isn't protected against criticism in non Muslim countries (the arrogance that underlies this demand is breathtaking - try asking the persecuted Christians of Egypt if they are 'protected' as their churches burn), by running a series of anti western cartoons.

al-Watan's cartoons - The West's blinkered view of Islam?

We can all we can all look through  those same glasses, and to illustrate the point, here's what we in the West really see when we look at Islam ....

al-Watan's cartoons - The West's real view of Islam?

Notice how there are no western mobs burning Egyptian flags, No bombing of mosques .... in fact no one  broke even a fingernail responding to the al-Watan cartoons. In fact I doubt if anyone apart from me was interested enough even to comment .... isn't that the truly civilised way to deal with these issues?

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