Friday, 7 September 2012

Deep Frying Mars Bars

In a surprise new threat to Scottish culture and independence, the Anglo multi-international giants 'Mars' have distanced themselves from being associated by that old (new?) Scottish food staple .... the deep fried Mars bar.

Now for you culinary cowards, who have never adventured in to the exotic waters that surround normal  mainstream food, the 'deep fried Mars bar' is a 'treat' allegedly invented in the 'Haven Chip Bar' (now the Carron), in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, in 1995, although I will tell you right now, that there are fish frying establishments in both Edinburgh and Glasgow that could also make a good claim.

Deep Fried Mars Bars - 419 Calories Of Fun

For example there is a fish shop on the corner of Beaverhall Road and Broughton Rd in Edinburgh, which was selling deep fried salami's (or maybe German sausages ... I only investigated a little) in the late 1990's .... I nearly bought one after leaving the 'Blind Beggar' pub. There was another fast food shop at the top of Broughton Street that I seem to recall sold the dreaded battered chocolate bar ... Cafe Piccante I think it was called (although that could be wrong, so apologies if it is).

The popularity of these 'delicacies' in Scotland was confirmed by a 2004 study / poll that showed that, of the 300 fish establishments that replied to a survey, 22% sold deep-fried Mars bars, while an additional 17% of those surveyed had sold them in the past ....

Anyway in a statement Mars said that "deep-frying one of our products would go against our commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles." .... yeah right.

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