Monday, 30 July 2012

Red Rover

Sadly, I will probably not live long enough to see the first colonists on the Moon or Mars, such has been the slow progress in space travel ..... and maybe with the discovery that older ex-astronauts are showing signs of cell damage, maybe that day will never come, but its still some achievement to land rover machines on the Red Planet, and then explore them with images only delayed by 14 minutes.

Latest Mars Rover .... 'Curiosity'

This coming weekend the latest in NASA's Mars Rover series of explorer vehicles, will hopefully land on Mars, and given that its nuclear powered should be going for decades .... but this may be the last real fling of the Western governmental space effort. My last hope is that private enterprise may provide the next stage of the story.

Despite the slowness of space exploration in the period after the roller coaster ride of the 1960's, I have never lost my wonder at it all ........ and I guess I never will.

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