Monday, 30 July 2012

The Price of Victory

What cost medal success? Apparently freedom of expression and democracy.

 As China sweeps all before it on the Olympic medals front, I am reminded that this sort of medal table after just two days, was what we were used to seeing in the days of the Soviet Empire. When, along with their acolyte East Germany (where women really were the equal of men, well at least chemically), the tables were always dominated by Socialist sports, and only challenged by the capitalism of the sponsored US collegiate system.

Olympic Table After Just Two Days

Depressingly, the UK were about 16th in the 1980's as well ..... you don't get much change for £20bn these days.


  1. 3rd in the table .... eat your shorts

    1. Yes I have to concede that I, like many others such as the German Comedian Henning Wehn who had thought the Olympics were going to be a "right royal cock up", have had to eat my words .... 3rd in the table and more golds than you can point a pointy stick at, means Britain did well at every level.

      So hands up .... my cynicism was totally misplaced.


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