Friday, 12 May 2017

Abnormally Normal

Didcot in Oxfordshire England, is not normally a place that makes the news, or that we talk about .....

Didcot - Boring or Normal?

..... and it turns out there is good reason

Best known for its railway museums and power stations it seems that a company called ASi Data Science has determined that Didcot, well a cluster of streets in it are the the median across 11 key metrics, including age distribution, ethnicity, employment type and political engagement. In short the most normal place in England.

The study was apparently inspired by the 1940s film Magic Town. In which a man who stumbles upon a small town in the USA which he believes is perfectly representative of the nation’s views and uses it to conduct consumer research.

Must be the first time boring but nice has made the news for a while.

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