Friday, 19 May 2017

Suited And Booted Thugs

Once again Turkish government thugs have been caught abusing the hospitality of a foreign country, by beating up peaceful and legal protesters.

Suited And Booted

Last time it was in a public speech forum in the little South American country of Ecuador. This time the shocking scenes of violence were in the United States of America. Its supposed ally ....

The protesters were parading in front of the Turkish embassy with a police cordon to stop them getting too close. Suddenly the armed and black suited thugs from the Turkish President's Personal Security Force, ran out of the embassy building, and started beating, punching and kicking the protestors.

Armed Thugs, or The Turkish President's Personal Security Force?

The Washington police did little to stop it, and several protesters were viciously kicked after being knocked to the ground. The police were so ineffectual, that one protester was even arrested by them after being beaten up. Let's make no mistake here. This wasn't a couple of slaps. It was full on assaults on American citizens performing a legal activity in the US.

The official US response? Well Donald Trump was too busy after shaking dictator Erdogan Raycip's hand (congratulating him again on strengthening his powers in a dodgy referendum win), to look out the Whitehouse window, or watch the Turkish security practising 'free speech', Turkish style on TV, while Pres. Erdogan apparently cheered them on, and the State Department merely issued 'a strong complaint' to Turkey, as those this had happened in Ankara, ant on the streets of Washington DC.

Two Democrats?

Meanwhile the booted and suited Turkish thugs were allowed to saunter back into the embassy building unhindered, and no doubt congratulating themselves on a job well done. None of the thugs was reported as being arrested. A bad day for the US, as the Pres. Trump regime cosied up to another nasty little regime (Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who all share the same disregard for Free Speech and Human Rights, spring to mind). Needless to say, some US politicians and lawmakers have demanded very strong action against Turkey, including the expulsion of its Ambassador .... and the Trump government is left flailing, as yet another ally turns out to be a political liability.

Coincidentally, while this was all going on, the news also came out that the Turkish government had demanded that the US diplomat Brett McGurk, the US envoy to the coalition against Islamic State, be recalled as he was in their words 'a supporter of the Kurdish groups,' such as the YPG in Syria and the separatist PKK in Turkey.

This US government is simply floundering from disaster to disaster ....I used to think that Trump would settle into the realities of the role, now I think he's like a runaway train, who is very possibly heading for the buffers of political deadlock or even a first term impeachment.

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