Friday, 5 May 2017

How To Bring Up Baby

'A Sisters Role In Jihad' ..... Snappy little blog title isn't it, and sadly one I can't claim credit for. It’s a hand book, or perhaps wartime pamphlet is a better name (given after all the constant fighting of its authors), issued by our friends in the caliphate.

A Sisters Role In Jihad ....

It was issued to all mothers and pregnant women in the Iraqi and Syrian areas controlled by IS, it gives handy tips on the bringing up of future Jihadi warriors and future wives and then mothers of those jihadi warriors.

So what pearls of wisdom does this handy little tome give out?

Well amongst the advice was the suggestion that both sexes of child should be encouraged to watch radical websites with their diet of, lashings, be-headings, rapes, crucifixions, stoning’s, blowing’s up and throwing of people from rooftops. This will prepare them for the struggle to come in the house of war (the West).

Apparently despite the fact that they hate the Christians, it hasn't prevented them from following the old adage of the Jesuits (attributed to Francis Xavier) ... the one along lines of 'Give me the child for his first seven years, and I'll give you the man' ... because they also state that both sexes be given guns to play with, and that babies be 'preached to by reading them Jihadi tales at bedtime', as leaving it until they are toddlers may be 'too late'.

They don't miss the digital boat here either because there is in on-line version of the handbook available for the pure. So who is the author of this useful advice?

Well, although it was produced in Raqqa, or some other hell hole in their 'caliphate', its thought that the inspiration came from our very own, all British, Runa Khan, a plucky Jihadist mother of six from Luton.

Terrorist Runa Khan - No Disguises In UK Justice.

Sadly Runa can't pick up any prizes for this work, as she is currently serving five years in a UK prison for promoting acts of terrorism, but rest assured she will be out and about and teaching those kids right from wrong real soon.

So lots of fun and games to come as more and more of these warriors train terrorists in our multicultural paradise .... Mr Corbyn will be proud. So aren't we all glad that multiculturalism has worked so well in the UK?

I know that I am.


  1. I guess as the noose closes round them now, the IS sweethearts will be flocking back to Europe to spread the message there.

    As usual they will be allowed back without a murmur of protest and with their passports still valid.

    Suicidal Europe.

    1. Yes that does seem to be the most likely outcome, but who knows self preservation may still kick in in western Europe. thanks for the comment.


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