Friday, 5 May 2017

Hard Left On The Rise

When the BBC discuss politics they always refer to any group not centre right as 'Far-right' e.g. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, whereas the far left is rarely if ever described that way.

For instance the UK Labour Party is effectively being hijacked by hard left entryism via the Momentum group, but they don't call them 'far left'. Why not?

Momentum's Friendly Public Face ... But Behind The Scenes.

When Militant Tendency tried to take over the Labour Party in the 1980's for the far left, we made no pretence what it might mean. But now the 'Momentum' movement, which is openly a vessel of the far left is doing much the same, the BBC refuses to use the term far left. This despite the fact that Momentum is heavily influenced by members of the Trotskyist group the Alliance for Worker's Liberty ... a far left organisation.

How can anyone who watches the antics of Corbyn and Abbot not realise that they would have managed very well if Militant Tendency had won the battle against Neil Kinnock back then. Its almost as though because the Soviet Communists helped win World War II, there isn't any critique of the hard and far left.

So when the Labour Party lurches from the centre no comment is made about the party's new politics.

Smirking Anti-Democrats In Manchester Attack Conservative Delegates ...

Similarly when hard and far left protestors and agitators disrupt UKIP or Conservative conferences with verbal abuse, spitting and violence ... no condemnation about the threat to democracy. In the 2015 election the Scottish Conservatives had been forced to abandon a party conference on police advice after plans emerged for a major protest by a hard-Left hate mob. This after hard left groups attacked Conservative attendees at their Manchester conference. They even attacked journalists like Owen Bennett from The Huffington Post and Kate McCann from the Telegraph, who were told they deserved to be spat on.

Momentum - Clones Of Militant Tendency?

Where is the democracy in the left? There is none .... they pay lip service to it, but smirk and snigger as they condemn their supporters disruption of democratic politics. While the so called far right never disrupt Labour Party conferences .... but then that would make the news wouldn't it ... far right attacks democracy ... ban them.

One of the two greatest threats to democracy in the UK (the other being Islamic fascism), comes from the far left, not the far right, but we ignore it as though it doesn't exist.

This political blindness either says a lot about the BBC or just the UK's politics in general.


  1. You are wrong. But instead of condemning them, they are just classed as the Loony Left. This means that they are free to use violence and abuse to attack anyone who they don't like without the scrutiny and action that a right wing group would receive for lesser disruptions to democractic processes.

    It's wrong I admit, but it's just one of the features of European politics that calling everyone a fascist gives you free range to use violence against peaceful assemblies.

    1. Hi Anon. You may have a very good point, because strangely I completely forgot about the Looney Left appellation. So you may be right, making them clowns has done us no favours because its allowed to carry on assaulting democratic processes unhindered.

      Ah well, I nearly covered the whole argument, but a good comment is worth its weight in bloggers gold.

      So thanks for the comment ... maybe use a name next time?

    2. Someone on the radio said that the hard left have waited 70 years to get full control of the manifesto and all they have come up with is a bunch of freebies for special interest groups.

      That's exactly why they ave lost white working class votes in England and Scotland.

      The Left never learn that they are never going to win with these policies.

      Laughable but for the fact that it dooms us the Tory rule for another decade.

    3. Hi, Not sure 'Dooms us to Tory rule' is a bad thing given my politics, but I get your point. Thanks for comment.


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