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Mysterious Explanations

There are lots of 'mystery' websites on the web, which I find highly entertaining. These usually try to pass certain well known stories or images off as being 'unexplained mysteries', or in some cases proof positive of Aliens / NASA Cover ups / Bigfoot / Conspiracy theories of all sorts etc etc etc.

1964 - Templeton Spaceman Solway Firth UK

They often give you some sort of 'facts' relating to the image or story, which will give you enough to ensure that a cursory investigation appears to prove that this is all a genuine mystery. However, dig a little deeper and the 'mystery' often rapidly disappears. 
Perhaps one of the oldest out there, and therefore most often used, is the so called Solway Spaceman ...
.... this centres on family picture taken by a Mr Templeton on the Solway Frith in the UK in 1964. When developed, one of the pictures of his young daughter apparently now included a 'spaceman' like figure in the background, when it obviously had not been seen when the picture was taken. Mr Templeton hadn't monkeyed with the image (pre-computers and Photoshop etc), so this is presented on many websites as a 'mystery'. 

What they usually fail to mention is that even when the image first started to circulate widely with the start of the Internet, the first investigators concluded that the background figure was actually the back of Mrs Templeton with a hat (women wore hats when outside back then), who had wandered unseen into the shot when the photo was taken. The whiteness of her dress was just some overexposure of the developed film. She appears in other images taken on the same roll of film.

Another old favourite, and often show is the Hook Island Sea Monster picture, taken in 1965 by Robert Le Serrec and his family with a friend, during the December of 1964. Supposedly shipwrecked on the island the group were crossing Stonehaven Bay on December 12th 1964, when Mrs Le Serrec spotted a strange object on the lagoon floor. It proved to be a gigantic tadpole-like creature, estimated to be about 30 ft long. They took a few photos and claimed that it moved off when they approached it.

Hook Island Sea Monster - 1964

... so a mystery and proof of the existence of sea serpents? Well, perhaps not. There are several concerns with the image ... firstly the biology of the 'creature' is unusual for a sea creature, with the 'eyes', located on the top of the head, and well away from the front of the snout - similar shaped (sea snakes), but smaller real sea creatures have their eyes at the side of their heads, and near their snouts to maximise visual coverage. Then the image itself has concerns - the wavy outline shows clearly that the edge of the ‘creature’ is partly overlapped by sand and it looks like clumps of sand are set on top of the edge of the creature, as if it would float off if not weighted down. Similarly there is apparently another sand clump holding it down about midway down the body. 

But the clincher has nothing to do with the image, but is that in 1959, Le Serrec apparently had tried to get a group together to join him on an expedition that would prove “financially fruitful”, and that he had “another thing in reserve which will bring in a lot of money… it’s to do with the sea-serpent”

Another favourite is the so called Black Knight Satellite in polar orbit over the earth since the 1950's (if not earlier). This of course was before we had satellites ourselves. So proof positive of aliens?    
'Black Knight' - An Alien Satellite?

This one of course attracts many UFO/NASA conspiracists as well as mystery lovers. One theory is that it has orbited Earth for approximately 13,000 years. Another theory is that Nikola Tesla first heard the satellite transmitting during his 1899 radio experiments (I knew he would turn up somewhere 😉). Some conspiracists claim that in 1963, astronaut Gordon Cooper reported a UFO sighting during his 15th orbit in Mercury 9, and that was confirmed by tracking stations. But again, there is no evidence for this ever happening.

Of course you could just accept that its simply just a bit of space debris, and probably just a thermal blanket that was confirmed as lost during an EVA by astronauts Jerry L. Ross and James H. Newman.

Finally, there is the Geophone Rock Pyramid. Apollo 17 took a number of photos of the area around the Geophone Rock during the last lunar flight to the moon. AS17-136-20680 is the reference number of an apparently blank photo taken by that mission and is supposedly on the NASA website. That photo appears to have been damaged by extreme light exposure and noise issues, but NASA watchers adjusted the image using current filters and lo and behold, suddenly a Pyramid shape appears..

Geophones Pyramid On Web .... A Real Mystery, Or A NASA Cover Up?

Well, I searched the NASA site for image AS17-136-20680 ... I couldn't find it. However companion image AS17-135-20680 (OF300) (209k or 1402k ) is there. I uploaded it, and it looked like the one on websites. Its not uniformly grey, and in fact you can see a pointed shape mid-centre right if you look closely. I then filtered it a few times,and I hate to say it, but yes, out of the fog appears a pyramid shape.

I Did My Own Filtering of NASA image AS17-135-20680 - A Mystery To Me.

Often the simplest explanation is the most likely one, but often the least used, however for the NASA image I have no such simple explanation.

So perhaps there are real mysteries out there after all .....


  1. Yes, there must be some real mysteries out there, the mistake that a lot of people make though is to jump to unlikely explanations when perfectly good, non fantastical ones exist. Even when simple explanations aren't readily available, it's still wrong to jump to aliens or the supernatural to fill the void, there's no logical basis for doing so - it just dilutes the REAL alien stories ;)

    1. Well as demonstrated in last image ... at least one of the stories contains a puzzle if not a mystery.

    2. Before looking at the photos available on the NASA sight myself I thought that they were all taken by a camera pointed towards the Lunar surface, however most of the photos AS17-135-xxxxx are of the Lunar Roving Vehicle which has many triangular features.
      This "Mystery" just became much less mysterious.

    3. Having examined all the pictures in the series, I can certainly see where you are coming from Vroomfondel. However I couldn't see one (and I looked at every one) that replicates that shape, or even looks a bit like it .... I guess you can choose to say "I want to believe", or not as your heart dictates.


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