Friday, 21 April 2017

Elected Autocrats Club

President (for however long he wants to be) Recep Erdogan, the winner of every vote and self claimed European said that "a strong "Yes" vote would be a lesson to the West". With with all the ballots counted, the Yes ended 51.40% and No with 48.60%, so we are about to learn what that lesson will mean.

Birds Of A Feather - Elected Autocrats Club Just Gained A New Member

However, it should be pointed out that the result is disputed by the opposition, and the process has allegedly failed to meet international standards.

The International Observers pointed to:
  1. Biased media coverage (80% of media is government directed).
  2. Misuse of administrative resources by the president and government  - active involvement of the president and several senior officials.
  3. Restrictions on free speech - No supporters accused of being terrorist supporters.
  4. Electoral decision to accept unstamped ballots (which "contradicted the law").
  5. State of emergency, meant essential fundamental freedoms were curtailed.

..... and the international election observers concluded that the referendum did not fulfil current international standards. So the result may not be accepted by about half the population, especially as the three biggest cities (Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir) all recorded majority 'No' results.

Personally I hope we have finally learnt one thing, and that we never again offer membership of the EU etc to a Muslim nation. They can't be trusted to be democratic or have a genuine independent rule of law.

These countries are listed as 'European' no matter how strangely - judge for yourselves their suitability for EU membership:
  • Albania - Muslim 60.0%, 17% Christian: In June 2014 became a candidate for EU accession.
  • Azerbaijan - Muslim 96.9%: Corruption in the country is widespread.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - Muslim 50.7%, Christian 45.9% - Each lives in ethnic race enclaves: Interethnic civil strife is still occurring and peacekeepers stop armed violence breaking out.
  • Kazakhstan - Muslim 70.2%, Christian 26.2% (mainly Russian Orthodox):  Non Kazakhs are  decreasing in numbers - Many Non-Muslim ethnic minorities departed Kazakhstan in large numbers from the mid-1990s through the mid-2000s replaced by Kazakhs returning from Russia proper.
  • Kosovo - Muslim 95.6%, Christian 4.5% - Ethnically cleansed of Christians after US intervention prevented Serbia removing Muslims: Serbia refuses to accept loss of province and is backed by Putin's Russia which would never have accepted split if had happened now.
  • Turkey - Muslim 99.8% - Ethnically cleansed of Christians between 1900 and 1950's in pogroms, and genocides: Now effectively a one party religiously conservative party state with no independent judiciary, or civil service after mass civil purges following an attempted coup.

Pres. Erdogan has a cloud of family corruption hanging over him, which is not investigated (and now never will be), as he runs the country like any other Muslim autocrat. President al-Sisi of Egypt is already in much the same mould, but we don't pretend he's anything but another Middle Eastern strong man in the traditional manner.

So let's stop treating Erdogan's Turkey as anything but another middle eastern Muslim 'elected' dictatorship. He's held personal power for years by altering Turkeys constitution to suit his and his parties needs ... in his own case, he can retain power possibly until 2029, when he finally runs out of roles he can alter to keep his grip on the state.

He despises us, and will continue to insult and threaten us if he feels the need to do so, this despite being in NATO and supposedly wanting to join the EU (despite Turkey not qualifying by meeting any of the chapter requirements). We need to end that farce now .... Turkey has chosen the religious autocrat route, not the democratic secular one.

We are now heading in separate directions .... lets keep it that way.


  1. For all of the regime's contraventions, Erdogan only achieved 51.4% which means that the opposition was very important!
    I'm surprised that these referendums can be carried with only a percent or so. Important decisions should only be made with a 5% or even a 10% majority, otherwise it's just "he said, she said".


    1. In many countries referendum's need a certain percentage of voters to participate and a fixed bar in one favour of result (sometimes 75%).

      But if you just want a decision as Erdogan did (he knew 60% was beyond him), or in Brexit where it was hoped to lance the political boil inside the Conservative party, and in the country generally (the closeness of the result shows how little support the EU had in some areas), then you take the simple majority route no matter how unsatisfactory it can prove.


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