Friday, 7 April 2017

Pure Madness

If anything more is needed to confirm how backward the Taliban, IS and others of that ilk really are, its the fact that in 99% of the world polio is eradicated. Polio is a highly infectious disease, caused by a virus which invades the nervous system, and mainly affects children aged under five, was endemic in many parts of the world as recently as 1995, but a worldwide drive has all but cleared it out, but for the last two countries.

Polio Eradication ... Almost

Sadly, around one in 200 infections, will lead to irreversible paralysis, with between 5-10% of those who suffer the paralysis die because their breathing muscles are immobilised. It is treated by a simple oral vaccination of young children, which is almost 100% effective.

So where are the hold out countries who prevent the disease being wiped from the worlds illnesses? Why its those bastions of enlightenment and lands of the 'Pure', Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Apparently the followers of the various Jihadist groups in the region believe that vaccinations is a western plot to sterilise the children of Muslims. So they shot and kill all the health teams who operated the vaccination programmes in the regions where they were still not free to operate i.e. most of those countries outside the metropolitan areas.

Strangely, although there are many young girls who were vaccinated in the early 1990's who are now mothers themselves, it doesn't stop those followers of the faith from claiming its a sterilisation campaign .... So once again it seems, the westerners have very inefficiently planned to eradicate the Muslims of the world. Of course they could have just nuked the Islamic world into oblivion decades ago if they wanted to eradicate Islam, but seemingly those westerners prefer complex sterilisation campaigns that don't work.

Worldwide, reported cases of polio have fallen dramatically from 350,000 globally in 1988, to around 70 in 2015 since eradication programmes were introduced. However polio remains endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with Nigeria the last other country to be declared polio free (despite Boko Haram operating there).

However it may be decades (or more likely centuries), before its finally eradicated worldwide, because of the people in these two countries ....


  1. Polio is just one of the ways that God reminds us how much he loves us. I'm sure that in the eyes of these zealots, eradicating it would be contrary to God's plan. It's sad, but a wholly consistent view of the superstitious - if only they were more consistent and rejected all modern technology in the same way; firearms, telecommunications and modern vehicles!

    1. The Jihadists have the hypocrites ability to pick and choose those parts of the or modern Western world that they want. So for example destroying Christian imagery from old buildings but posting videos of themselves on Facebook.


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