Friday, 21 April 2017

How The Other Half Think

Max Clifford the former millionaire publicist is currently in prison for eight historic sex assaults. He was jailed in 2014 for eight years.

Mr Clifford Still Making Headlines .... Even If Still Just On The Streets And Tabloids.

He is once again appealing against his conviction but is now asking for Legal Aid to do so as he is too poor to even pay for photocopying the documents required to support the appeal. This is because, and I quote his QC "He is absolutely financially ruined".

Now I don't know about your definition of "absolutely financially ruined", but I would take that to mean that he had no assets which he could cash in, that were enough to cover all the costs of his legal appeal.

However in the world that apparently both the QC and Mr Clifford inhabit, this definition would not cut the mustard. No in their world, it means that his last major asset is his six-bedroom Surrey Mansion worth approximately £3.5 million pounds.Yes I kid you not. That is what is classed as "absolutely financially ruined", in the world of highly paid people such as QC's and Publicists.

Apparently he hasn't considered selling it to finance his latest appeal, and thinks the UK taxpayer should foot the bill for that, the cost of his QC and solicitor, and indeed his 'photocopying.'

Even if his wife still lives there, she could downsize and sell up, or take her £1.75 million share and live off that, leaving the balance to Mr Clifford to fund his own appeal costs.

It would be really funny, but the fact is that he almost certainly will get his wish, because I should have included High Court Judges in that financial elite, for whom only owning a £3.5 million house is the level at which a person is "absolutely financially ruined".

How the other half live and think can often be a real eye opener.


  1. If his only wealth is a £3.5million mansion, how does he maintain it? Utility bills, council tax, etc, etc.

    1. Interesting question ... maybe his wife works?


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