Friday, 14 April 2017

Forever Clueless

Jeremy Corbyn is not a man I would vote for. He's basically a hard left politician, wedded to the policies I recall being espoused by Tony Benn (another man whose views were hard left), in the 1960's and 1970's.

Corbyn Lives In The 1970's and 1980's Where Life Was Simpler ..... Michael Foot and Tony Benn Were Left Wingers

They had a certain amount of traction then, as the western socialist tide reached its high point, but since then these ideas have ebbed and are now only followed in broken states such as Venezuela and other failed South and Latin American states. Take for instance his latest policy announcement of 'free' school meals for primary school children.

That was a provision in schools (at least for some kids), up until recently. I wasn't even aware that it had been abandoned (it may not have been .... It's hard to tell with the Labour party what's just a rehash policy or actually 'new').

I assume that the long Blair and Brown Labour governments didn't bring it back, or implement it as Mr Corbyn wanted, so he feels free to announce it as a 'new' policy. 'Free' of course is a relative term .... someone, a tax payer, has to pay for the policy. So of course what we are seeing is the Labour 'money tree' being revisited again. This mythical tree is where the Conservative governments hide all the money they have saved, and that the Labour Party can use for useless policies. They bled it dry last time they were in government and hope to do so again.

The other irony of this is that the proposed method of paying for this new policy, is to put VAT (value added tax), on private school fees.This of course without any mention of the fact that a large number of the Shadow Cabinet have taken advantage of private schooling for their own offspring. ... without paying VAT. This fact is totally ignored by a compliant or lazy media, but just illustrates how easy it is for the Labour Party to get cheap headlines at the BBC.

Something's never change .... and I guess that they never will.


  1. Well you will get your chance not to vote for him in about 8 weeks time!

    In fact the whole country will get that chance thanks to Mrs May.

    Should be quite an interesting election on many levels.

    1. A bit of a surprise I admit, and something I didn't expect to see again but I agree it should be an interesting election pollster. Thanks for the comment.


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