Friday, 28 April 2017

Gender Neutral

Recently I was about to use the term 'cheeky monkeys' to describe two workers in the office who regularly take other teams treats without asking. By treats I mean team cakes or sweets etc.

'Cheeky Monkey' No Longer Innocent Expression?

However I had to check my mouth because the workers concerned were Indians. I could therefore be pulled up for using a racial insult, because they are brown skinned ... (actually I would be suspended for then telling someone to f*ck off when they tried to pull me up about 'cheeky monkeys') ... so I said something more 'racially neutral' ... I can't recall what .... probably 'thieving t*ats' ... 😈

Recently the Sun Newspaper had to print an apology to Everton and England footballer Ross Barkley over an article, in which its former editor Kelvin MacKenzie compared him to a gorilla. Apparently Mr Mckenzie had not gone back into the white appearing footballer Barkley's family history, to discover he had a Nigerian grandfather!! Ridiculously this resulted in him being suspended (and later dismissed), from his job, and The Sun apologising. So now you need to research everyone's family tree back at least three generations, before making any remark about their appearance .... that's how much the madness has taken hold.

Apparently He Is Black And White ....

Anyway, this got me thinking about how the language that has evolved in its current form since 1066 AD, has been hijacked in the last 25 years by the PC, Multiculturalism brigade. A creed that not only is detestable on all levels, as it only attacks the native whites, but which is driven wholly by Left Wing 'Liberals' ... a minority group in themselves, whose aims are often centred on driving their own careers. This because the objects of their defence usually didn't need it, or weren't even offended in the first place.

A bit like shops selling you things you didn't know you wanted until you saw it .. Poundland springs to mind! So once they have made every word:
  • Race neutral
  • Colour neutral
  • Height neutral
  • Religion neutral
  • Gender neutral
  • Etc etc

..... then what will be left of the language which had spawned Shakespeare, Milton, the Austen's and Dickens and the rest? Well actually they have already started historical revisionism by writing white males out, and inserting blacks and females into a false prominence in history.

But I suspect that will not be enough for these false class warriors (who are often middle class academics or in well paid public sector jobs with little in common with Muslims in Rotherham, or Blacks in Hackney). They may well turn their attention to dead white male writings and neutralise their books and plays. Current white writers will presumably be writing with the new world order in mind and self censor themselves like sheep.

So Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens and the rest will probably be reviewed to ensure that their language and sexism is rewritten out to fit what one black academic (who didn't get her role because of the new self imposed gender and race quotas in academia, oh no, it was purely ability ... you betcha), described as needing to be appropriate for everyone "regardless of background, identity, religious affiliation or viewpoint".

So watch out all you authors, songwriters, wordsmiths, poets etc. Whether live or dead, the PC brigade will get you.

Our language, which has evolved it's richness over a 1,000 years, is about to have some of that richness shorn, and be set on a neutral course. By a creed that has little legal or political backing, but is promoted by unelected ars*wipes and public bodies, public media and educational establishments who have allowed themselves to be bullied into submission.

As one of the commenter's quoted in a different context.

"It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing." Reverend Charles F. Aked: October 1916.

Which is very apt for the rise of political correctness and multiculturalism .... we sit back and let this happen at our own peril.


  1. If the language and attitudes were all gender, race, height and religion neutral, they still wouldn't be happy.

    1. We would also have an infinitely poorer language ... these people are basically self haters of their own culture.

  2. Having read earlier comments I then read on the BBC that Oxford University had to say sorry for eye contact racism claims made in a list of "racial micro-aggressions" in their equality and diversity unit newsletter.

    They were forced to apologise for saying that avoiding eye contact could be "everyday racism" because that nonsense was itself discriminating against autistic people who can struggle making eye contact.

    They can't even make sense of what they are saying themselves anymore. Perhaps we have reached the point where they start devouring their own young.

    "racial micro-aggressions" WTF? Madness of the highest order.

    1. Good story spot FZ. It does indeed look like they have got caught up in their own logic of offence LOL.

  3. How about when you tty to avoid eye contact to make yourself a less obvious target for a racial attack or mugging?

    Is that a racial micro-aggression or just commonsense?

    If it is commonsense then why can't PC equality warriors show some as well?

    1. Good points, well made. Thanks for the comment.

  4. The most telling point was that all content had to be appropriate for everyone "regardless of background, identity, religious affiliation or viewpoint". ... view point? Presumably this means that everyone has to agree with it e.g. Christian prayers have to be signed off by Muslims as being inoffensive to the religion of peace?

    1. It appears to be the substance of her claim .... thanks for the comment.


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