Friday, 1 August 2014

Hamas Sweeties

While the battle on the ground rages on in Gaza, the battle for hearts and minds continues apace. In a Chicken or the Egg war (Does the fact that Hamas have been daily launching missiles for year after year, constitute good cause for Israel to finally act, or is it legitimate for Hamas to 'resist' in this manner because of the blockade?), black-ops and psych-ops continue to be waged.

So according to Hamas, Israel has been handing out hundreds of lollipops, bearing anti-Hamas messages on two cities in the West Bank .... Nablus and Ramallah. The Israeli troops threw the sweets to children after deploying heavily in the region as part of their search for three teenagers who went missing while hitch-hiking in the West Bank.

Anti-Hamas Lollipops: Black ops or double bluff?

.... Or as Fatah who control the West Bank reported nothing, Hamas are making this up, in a cunning attempt at a reverse propaganda coup, to expose Zionist perfidy, to a waiting Arab world.

Of course there is the vexing question of what Israel might get from this plan, especially as the soldiers were conducting house to house searches? Hardly an opportune moment to win the kiddies over. Of course this sort of story plays well with Arab minds .... where every action is a 'Zionist plot' .... so maybe its a secret Fatah black-ops, to discredit both Israel and Hamas? 

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