Friday, 29 August 2014

Porkies In Uganda

Two piglets were cross examined by police in Uganda for "terrorism-related material" after being daubed in the colours of the governing party with slogans alleging MPs are corrupt, and then. let loose in the Ugandan Parliament by anti-corruption protesters.  Hardly a surprise when you consider that Uganda is notorious for its graft levels, in a continent where corruption is the only way to get things done ....

The Trotters In The Slammer

Now, if your are the henchman of some grafting corrupt politicians, then you have to be seen to being acting on behalf of your paymasters, so the two piglets were rounded up by the custodians of  law and order, and taken in for testing .... along with the two cheeky protesters, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, who both face charges of criminal trespass (did they do any damage, except to already poor reputations?), 'conspiracy to sneak piglets into parliament' (is that even a crime?), and interrupting parliaments work (which also will be hard to prove).

Apparently with parliament being so ineffective in dealing with the fears of terrorist attacks, mainly because of Uganda's military involvement in Somalia, supporting the UN-backed government against the Islamist al-Shabab group, its now "standard practice" to test for terrorism-related material as "there could have been another motive other than a protest" .... well according to Police spokeswoman Polly Namaye.

Yeah, right .....

.... lets just hope they didn't take their trotter prints and send them to Interpol!


  1. Could the message have been the Ugandan equivalent of 'nose in the trough' ?
    Well done to those brave protesters !

    1. I believe that the message was exactly that .... they are indeed brave as Ugandan justice is very politically motivated (which is part of the problem that they were highlighting) .... sadly the West's attempts to try and influence good governance, which is often patchy at best, is undermined by the Chinese aid model, of money/projects for natural resources.


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