Friday, 15 August 2014

Pet Laps - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Pet Laps ..... a strange idea, but actually the more I looked at the picture, the more I thought it was very clever. I no longer have a pet as my lifestyle is too selfish to be tied to one, but in the past I have had cats. I know that an old (or not so old) jumper or fleece attracted an almost instant attempt to settle down to sleep on it ......
One Happy Pet and A New Jumper Saved.
So a frugal idea, that also saves your new clothes, as well as cutting pet hairs from furniture and carpets ..... to be honest it made me laugh as it was rather like a Guy Fawkes I made as a kid, that also somehow never made it the 'head stage' .... still it made me some money, probably for much the same reasons as I laughed this time ... it looks stupid.

I pass it on, as an idea whose time has come .... 


  1. It's a good idea if you insist on having an animal live with you. I agree with Sean Lock who pointed out that houses are for keeping the animals out.
    Isaac Newton is thought to be the inventor of the cat flap, not his brightest moment.

    1. Not a pet lover then? What is the objection?

    2. Perhaps the first objection is the notion that I need to justify not being a pet lover, like why don't you like smoking?
      The smell, the cost, the damage to my furniture, the imposition to my visitors who don't love being jumped upon or barked at as soon as they arrive. And just like smokers, I'm fine with that, if you could just keep it to yourselves, thanks.

    3. We have had pets for thousands of years ... see Iron Age graves where puppies often accompanied owners into afterlife. But as an ex-smoker and ex-pet owner I take Vroomfondel's point about smell.


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