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Justifying Genocide

In order to kill another race or people, particularly in an attempted genocide, you have to first dehumanise them, and their likely suffering.

For centuries in Europe the Christians were told that the Jews were 'Christ Killers', and therefore the periodic slaughter of the local Jews in the Middle Ages was permitted (up to a point) ... however their money lending abilities were too useful when Christian Monarchs needed cash, to get rid of them completely (but reducing the debts was also a good excuse to wipe them out occasionally).

However, this constant portrayal of Jews as being almost less than human, led directly to the pogroms of Eastern Europe, and later fed into the Nazi tyranny across much the same region. Even so, it took years of Nazi propaganda to the base masses, before the Germans were sufficiently primed for genocide (and of course they also included the Slavs and Gypsies in the 'Untermensch' ideology).

Now we are witnessing the rise another ideology, that also dehumanises all those who don't sign up to its creed or ideals ... Islam. In a manner very similar to that of the Nazi's, it preaches that non Muslims are lesser peoples, and its no secret that Kaffirs or Kuffars (non believers), are not accepted as being of equal worth to Muslims in Sharia 'justice'. These peoples can be forced to convert, or be killed, especially if not under local Muslim protection, as a people of the book.

'People of the book', refers to any believers of any monotheistic Abrahamic religion that is older than Islam, (which is all of them), and who are therefore seen as having had divine guidance from God to man, but that guidance has been incomplete or corrupted (although how this could be for a perfect god is not explained) .... and people of the book living in an Islamic nation under Sharia law were given a number of rights, such as the right to freely practice their faith in private and to receive state protection. In turn, they had a legal responsibility, the payment of a special tax called jizya ("tribute") in place of the 'zakat' tax. However I say 'were' because invariably, the numbers of 'people of the book' in any Muslim state diminishes very quickly, and although for example the Middle East still had 20 - 25% Christian populations around 1914, it is now less than 10%, and expected to be gone from all but Egypt by 2050. However as commenter pointed out on another post, with around 100,000 Christians murdered by Muslims every year in the region since 2000 AD, its not hard to see why this is ....

But others for example, Buddhists and Hindus, can expect little mercy when under Muslim rule except where they vastly outnumber the invaders e.g. The Hindus of what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh are almost gone, and the remainder treated as Kaffirs and regularly attacked, suffering rape conversions or murder, whereas Islamic scholars in India 'accepted' that Hindus were suddenly 'People of the Book' with Muslim rulers usually willing to consider Hindus as people of the book, after forced conversions just stirred up rebellions and also perhaps it was unsurprising, given that the Muslim invaders were outnumbered by the Hindus several times over. Buddhism doesn't get afforded this same status anywhere, and so very few if any Buddhists live in Muslim majority countries .... Afghanistan was a Buddhist state before the Arab invasions in the 7th century AD.

So the this abhorrent behaviour by ISIS militants is entirely consistent with the way Islam has spread - pliant in its beliefs when out numbered, and violent in its suppression of other faiths when in the ascendency. So while the Christians and Jews are in theory are 'protected' (as long as they pay the extra taxes imposed for this armed protection), in reality this is not actually the case for very long (see the Greeks or Armenian's under the Turks).

Genocides Of Christians Every 100 Years In Middle East And Asia

This has all been brought to public notice by the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq, where the Mandaeans and Yazidis can be killed, or their women gang raped and sold as slaves. Reports say that after being used, they are trading hands for as little as $5, and such is their terror, that many are jumping to their deaths in the mountains, or having male relatives kill them .... all disturbingly reminiscent of the Armenian girls, who almost exactly a century ago jumped down wells to their deaths, rather than be caught by the Turks (or ironically the Kurds who acted as the Turks henchmen in the Genocide) .... who says history doesn't go in terrible cycles?

And all this barbarity and inhumanity is justified because in the theology of the Sunni Muslims, because their victims are not followers of the book (who are given four options, to pay a bribe (jizya), convert, flee or face death), these others simply face the choices of fleeing, conversion or death. Rape and forced marriage is actually accepted as 'conversion' for women in this instance (following the example of their prophet, who took a Jewish wife ~ Safiyyah ~ in a similar manner), hence the fact that both ISIS and Boko Haram take non-Muslim girl prisoners, to hand over as 'conquest brides' for their fighters. Boko Haram has taken nearly a 1,000 non-Muslim girls and women, and according to reports several hundred Yazidis girls have now been taken as 'slaves' ... Oh what a life of fun for those 'western' Muslims who have popped over for a bit of recreational Jihad, Murder, Rape and Genocide.

Whether many in the the West likes this truth or not, the fact is that this treatment of non Muslims is entirely consistent with mainstream current Islamic teaching and practice outside of the West, right from when it first started its path of conquest in the 7th Century, to its conquests in the last few months. So while those Imams in the West like to tell us that this is extreme behaviour, its exactly what Islamic conquest has been about since it first started.

The exhibition of milder attitudes in the West, is also the same behaviour as Imams in the past have exhibited in areas where they are outnumbered, and pretended that the locals religions are the same and almost but not quite to be equals, but this always changes when Muslims grow to outnumber those other religions. Are not the recent random attacks on Non Muslims by 'Muslim patrols', the schools ideology row, and voting frauds in the UK, not just all aspects of this same idea that once 'Muslims' take an area, its their rules not ours that are to be enforced.

Ideologies that preach superiority by reason of birth, race or religion can be easily swayed into accepting genocides on those who are considered inferior by reasons of those same birth, race or religion. We opposed the Nazi and fought to eradicate the very ideology from the face of Europe, but for reasons of political cowardice, and an almost supine fear of 'offending' the practitioners of the new threat, we remain mute about the actual basis of the ideology that ISIS are currently carrying out.

Facts are facts ... we ignore the behaviour of ISIS and similar groups at our very peril .... the reason why they can turn to genocide so easily, is because they are primed to do so by the religion they practice.


  1. F*cking animals .... they will be the death of the civilised world. But it's because we do this to ourselves, by ignoring what they say or do.

    1. Careful with the language Buddy. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Never Give Your Name27 August 2014 at 13:43

    ISIS values are alive and well and practised in South Yorkshire

    PC politics allowed this to happen and then turned a blind eye. We are reaping the results of bring the 7th century into the country then allowing it to flourish.

    1. The scandal is going to get a lot worse .... this is just one of many Northern Towns where this has been going on. You would think that the PC brigade would be very quiet but guess what? The BBC no longer refers to Muslims in the reports ... (that lasted less than 24 hrs), and now refers to Asian gangs (dragging the Sikhs and Hindus into it), or more often 'gangs' to ensure it sounds like white men ... they are a disgrace.


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