Friday, 8 August 2014

Wet Wall Of China

Everyone knows that the Chinese lack some of the social graces expected in the West, especially with regards to expectorations, and public expulsions of body matter generally. This lack of social graces in public led to Singapore, a state largely populated by people of Chinese descent, introducing some infamous edicts, with fines or even imprisonment, simply for spitting in public places, or even being caught chewing gum ... a $500 fine is not uncommon. Under these draconian laws, only chewing gum of therapeutic value (i.e. dental health ~ Wrigley has a powerful reach), is allowed in to Singapore, and even then it has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Similarly, human spitting without gum can also attract harsh penalties, with up to five weeks in jail and a $800 fine in a recent case.

Well, it seems that mainland China has still got a long way to go in this area ......

Spitting Seems The Least Of China's Public Behaviour Issues

... where spitting seems to be the least of China's public behaviour issues. This picture is from the Beijing Marathon, where its become something of a tradition for male runners to pee down the red walls of the forbidden city. Part of this attraction seems to be that the Chinese consider 'Red' to be lucky.

However the organisers of the Beijing Marathon have said runners this year will be disqualified if they're caught urinating in public, or as they put it .... "uncivilised behaviour, such as relieving oneself in public and littering" ....with official advice for runners which explicitly warns against urinating on "red walls" .... for luck, or any other reasons. 

But with over more than 30,000 runners, the organisers are taking no chances and have promised to provide enough toilets for all the runners ...... Good Luck with that.


  1. Given that a lot of Chinese people are called 'Pee Yong' or 'Pei Yong' (google it) perhaps its not all that surprising ... maybe they could move race to 'Pyongyang' in North Korea? .... puns aside, I suspect that we would do much the same but for the cameras and extra toilets. Paula Radcliffe springs to mind.

    1. Fair point. Thanks for the comment.


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