Friday, 8 August 2014

Road To Hell

The BBC is covering the Middle East stories with all its usual biases in full and open display:

  • Pro Muslim
  • Anti Israeli
  • Anti Christian

It wrings its hands over every 'Palestinian' Arab casualty at the hands of the Israelis, with pictures of babies crying in every shot. It devotes thousands of reporting hours on the TV, Radio and the Web, to what is effectively a propaganda campaign for Hamas.

But it is hardly 'balanced' in its reporting, as it rarely points out that:

  1. The Gaza Arabs voted for Hamas, a prescribed terrorist organisation, to lead them.
  2. That for many years Hamas has launched several rockets daily at Israel - this blog covered the same issue way back in 2008. Or that if that had been say, Scotland launching rockets at England, no one would be surprised that England retaliated and the BBC would have to support that retaliation or be closed down.
  3. They rarely dwell on the 'human shields' policy of Hamas - launching rockets from school playgrounds, or hospital car parks etc, is illegal but the BBC says almost nothing.
  4. The fact that the BBC hasn't been able to report from Gaza in decades, because they would be kidnapped by Hamas (or other equally nasty groups who find havens in Gaza), and that its only now able to do so, because Hamas wants them to serve as its propagandist mouth pieces. A role the BBC is apparently happy to fulfil.
Nazis and Hamas - what's the difference if your Jewish?

On the first point (1) - The Nazi party was voted into power in Germany ... however I don't recall hearing that the BBC were ever crying over German casualties during the second world war ... or about them ever ignoring the concentration camps. Yet with Hamas, the BBC are seemingly happy to downplay their policies and practices 

Hamas Justice - If they can do this to Arabs, what will they do to Jews?

As for the points (2) and (3), these points are barely ever touched upon - nor do the chattering classes explain exactly how Israel is supposed to respond to this sort of cowardly attack? - In fact, how would the UK be expected to respond to this same tactic? 

Rockets Over London

Maybe they would just expect us to accept that the terrorists can bomb us without retaliation? Even an unelected state within a state such as the BBC fancies itself (it always acts as Her Majesties unelected opposition when Labour are out of power), would not last long doing that - they would have to bow to public pressure.

And even the last point is full of bitter irony - the BBC are so pleased to be back in Gaza 'safely' (even amongst the Israeli 'blitz over Gaza' that it reports), that its falling over itself to report exactly what Hamas wants, usually about little children injured or killed etc in schools, while not daring to question anything about Hamas prompting every bout of violence by firing rockets (even during ceasefires), or its illegal human shield tactics, mainly for fear of being thrown out of Gaza again. Not once has it ever confirmed or denied the Israeli allegations about rockets fired from the school yards, even though its a small town, and with more BBC reporters about than ticks on a mongrel .... odd that. 

This blindness is of course driven by the BBC's innate left wing ideology, which sees Israel (or more accurately Zionism), as bad, but Arabs including Hamas supporters (which is most of Gaza) as innocent victims. So the fact that the Arabs have largely brought this upon themselves, by voting in a bunch of terrorist thugs as their elected representatives, is just ignored.

Sadly of course, in another part of the same region, we have the spectre of the final steps of the total genocide of the Christians of Iraq and Syria by a Hamas ally, ISIS, and with only the Pope and the French speaking out until now. The British government and establishment are now apparently so in thrall to the idea of appeasing western Muslims generally, that compared to the Gaza campaign, hardly a squeak of protest greets the spectacle of another genocide, and until today, not a bullet to protect these ancient communities was forthcoming. Even the UK's Jewish labour party leader will not speak out against Hamas  .... UK votes in the Muslim community are worth more than the Jewish vote apparently.

So compared to coverage from Gaza, just a few brief news stories about Christians being targetted, which on the BBC are usually stories tied in with the fate of even smaller minority groups, such as the many the small 'heretic' Islamic splinter groups in the region. In fact you will learn almost as much about the Shabaks, Yazidis, or Sabian Mandaeans from the BBC, than about the ancient Assyrian's and their Christian communities .... the fact that these minorities are all being killed by Jihadist groups with the same ideology as Hamas, hasn't stopped the British government supporting relief for Gaza, or the halfwit MP for Bradford declaring an 'Israeli free zone'.

The BBC has just launched a Gaza Appeal ... but not one for the Christians of Iraq or Syria. The money raised for Gaza relief, will no doubt help support the Hamas claims that the world is on their side ... well its not, but you would never know that in the UK. The UK government is going to give money to help all the displaced minorities of Iraq, but no open appeal for those we should be helping most .... I suspect because our government would be embarrassed by the UK public's response for one group, and not for the other.

While no one is doing anything to expressly protect Christians in Iraq, the US bombing from today for example is ostensibly to protect US officials in Irbil, not the Christian refugees. This despite the fact that it was our actions in Iraq, that have led to the Christians plight and displacement, and the very real threat of eradication.

Bush and Blair have the blood of many Christian martyrs on their hands already, as well as that of all the others killed in Iraq since they attacked it for no justifiable legal reason ... now we are to see that blood increase tenfold.

Are We To See These Scenes Again - Armenia A Crime Unpunished.

If there is a Heaven and Hell, I hope that the road to one is paved with Hamas, ISIS and their western apologists, for I fear that the road to the the other will be painted red, with the blood of the Christians and the many others, killed by the devils from the pit of inhumanity, that we by our policies have unleashed on them.


  1. I notice that suddenly the papers are saying it's to protect Christians and Yazidis (although reports say Yazidi women have been captured ).

    If we had done something a week or so ago, then they would be in their villages not up mountains. We are spineless and never mind Blair and Bush what about Milliband who stopped action that would have kept ISIS from taking control. The road to he'll may have found another paving stone.

  2. I suspect its because populist newspapers realise that Hamas and the Arabs only attracts the support of the life peers such as Baroness Warsi's of this world. A Muslim peer, who was 'ennobled' for no other reason that I can see, other than that she was Asian, Conservative, of Pakistani descent and a Muslim. She wants recognition for Palestine, and as usual fails to criticise Hamas for being the root cause of the fighting and blockades.

    The rest of us worry more about those who we don't help such as the defenceless and friendless Christians, who we have betrayed into either genocide or exile. Did you know that according to many Christian support organisations 100,000 Christians have been murdered across the Middle East each year since 2000 AD.

    Shocking isn't it? We have done nothing to stop this .... but have had vast armies in the region.


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