Friday, 5 September 2014

Lifes Not Fair

Some people have issues, and others only think that they have issues. In any society where pressure to have a boy child can be overwhelming, there are some people who fall into the trap of a lie, which then becomes a cover up (in every sense of the word). So its perhaps no surprise, when occasionally a story turns up, about a person who thought he / she was of the opposite gender.

In this case it was a Chinese 'man', who went to the doctors complaining about severe stomach cramps ... only for the doctors (yes his doctor did call in reinforcements for this one!), to have to explain that he was in fact genetically, and anatomically, a 'she', and that what she was experiencing was his/her first (much delayed) period pains. The 'man' was taken aback and even claimed that he and his 'wife', for married he was, had had intercourse. Although how this was achieved, or what they thought it entailed, was not explained. Sadly, in China, he err her, and the 'wife', will probably not be allowed to sort this issue out privately, and so 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E.' is likely to be the song of the day.

Of course, funny or tragically sad as this story may seem, its actually caused by the obscene pressures on Asian and Oriental societies, from China though the sub continent to North Africa, to have boys not girls as children. This pressure has led to infanticides across all these regions, from the terrible incident of the man throwing his little girl into a river to drown in front of his wife, to the more secret dirty little back street abortions, to terminate girl births. In India alone eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade ... across all the regions where this backwardness prevails ... maybe twenty million female foetuses have been aborted in the same decade.

And lets not pretend that this crime is restricted to the more socially backward areas. Asian Doctors in the UK, have been found aiding and abetting the abortions of unwanted girl first children ... nione have been struck off. We have imported this crime into our societies via multiculturalism.

Elsewhere it leads to the situation where in many parts of China and India, girls are in such short supply, that several million men have no chance of a wife, and girls are now abducted to forced marriages hundreds of miles away, but despite this, the practise of valuing boys far more continues, although some Indian states are trying to address the issue. The Chinese men can at least marry non Chinese women, but for south Asians, and those in the Arab world, the options are less easy because of caste or religious bigotry's, but even so, although they don't have so much easy control over birth genders as the Chinese,  there are now significantly more males than girls born each year.

What's the odds on that? ..... Well certainly not 50/50 as nature intended ....

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