Friday, 26 September 2014

Cry Devo .... Max

Well the votes were counted, and either there was a brink stepped away from, or a big chance lost ..... depends on your point of view .....

Lost Chance Or Playing Safe?

Now we will see a scrabble to make 'Devo Max', plus the retention of the 'Danegeld', aka known as the 'Barnet Formula' money (which is between £1,600 or £2,000 per annum, per person, extra public spending in Scotland than in the rest of the UK), be made palatable to the rest of the UK, after the three main UK parties just offered it without bothering to ask the rest of us ~ that's Democracy UK style for you.

Cats out the bag though, and we want an English Only Parliament (not the Lib Lab dominated regional governments that Labour and the Liberals are trying to foist on the English again) .... so we shall see what we shall see.


  1. I'm relieved that Scotland voted No ; it would have been a lot of hassle for nothing - good money after bad.

    1. I like Scotland, but I am not so sure it would have been a lot of hassle for nothing. Its hard to explain unless you have lived there that the English take a lot of stick for all the Scots own failures. I have never heard any English say that they Hate The Scots, whereas I have heard Scots say they Hate The English, and thats when they know that there are English within earshot ... it may have been interesting to see what they had to say when we were no longer the easy excuse.

      Well I guess the matter is still not closed, and who knows the SNP may find another way of getting the matter put to another ballot.


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